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On the Beach (1959)

In 1964, nuclear war wipes out all of humanity in the northern hemisphere. One American nuclear submarine – the USS Sawfish – was submerged at the time of the nuclear interchange and finds temporary safe haven in Melbourne, Australia, which is one of the only places in the world not yet affected by radiation. In denial(…)

On The Beat (1962)

Reprising the formula already familiar from his army comedy The Square Peg (1958), Norman Wisdom’s alter ego Norman Pitkin is pitted against flamboyant villains and authority figures. Diminutive daffy Pitkin wants desperately to become a policeman just like his father, but his height – amongst other things – prevents this. He has to be content with washing police cars(…)

On The Fiddle (1961)

On The Fiddle (1961)

Two London con artists – a conniving little Cockney (Alfred Lynch) and an amiable, brawny gypsy (a pre-Bond Sean Connery) – enlist in the RAF, one to avoid going to jail and the other for a rest cure. The duo turns every tour of duty into a money-making scheme, selling fake passes, establishing a profitable(…)

On The Waterfront (1954)

“I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it”. Some critics suggested that Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront  reflected his role as a “friendly” witness before the US House Un-American Activities Committee in 1952, where he admitted past membership in the(…)

Once a Thief (1964)

A former criminal is prevented from going straight by the persecution of a police officer and old colleagues and is killed in a gun battle after a raid on a warehouse. Eddie Pedak Alain Delon Kristine Pedak Ann-Margret Mike Vido Van Heflin Walter Pedak Jack Palance James Sargatanas John Davis Chandler Lt. Kebner Jeff Corey Cleve(…)

Once Upon A Time In America (1984)

It is 1920 and a band of adolescent Jewish thieves roam New York City’s Lower East Side. The years pass and, thanks to Prohibition, the small petty thieves become grown-up mobsters. Two of them, Noodles (Robert De Niro) – who is quiet and prone to depression – and Max (James Woods) – his hot-headed opposite(…)

Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)

Henry Fonda makes a rare excursion into villainy in Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West. The man who became a Western film icon as Marshal Wyatt Earp in John Ford’s masterpiece My Darling Clementine is cast as a cold-eyed killer targeting Claudia Cardinale, a widow locked in battle with the railroad over water rights. Leone’s(…)

Once Were Warriors (1995)

Told in a bold, unflinching manner, director Lee Tamahori’s award-winning drama grips and fascinates as it lifts the lid on ghetto Maori life in New Zealand. Rena Owen is drainingly moving as the put-upon housewife, pushed physically and mentally to the brink while trying to hold her family together, bearing the brunt of her unemployed(…)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Randle McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) is a drifter and petty criminal who pretends to be mentally ill in order to get out of work duty in prison. He is sent to a mental ward ruled by the tyrannical Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) who regiments the lives of the patients without helping them at all. McMurphy sees(…)

One from the Heart (1982)

Francis Ford Coppola originally conceived One from the Heart as an antidote to the enormous cost, pressures and production setbacks of Apocalypse Now (1979). Coppola, however, has always been inseparable from turmoil, and production costs ballooned from $2 million to $25 million after he insisted on constructing artificial sets on the sound stages of his(…)

One Good Turn (1954)

Norman is the oldest orphan at Greenwood Children’s Home and now acts as their caretaker. But there are dirty deeds afoot and the chairman of the board is also a property developer who is looking to make a fortune out of the children’s home. Norman Norman Wisdom Iris Joan Rice Mary Shirley Abicair Cook Thora(…)

One Million Years B.C. (1966)

Back to the beginnings of time went Hammer Films, with vast monsters roaming the earth and stone age man fighting for his primitive existence. A power struggle for leadership of the Rock people results in the banishment of young Tumak (John Richardson). After wandering through the wilderness, he comes upon the more civilised beach camp(…)

One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1976)

Youngsters who like their prehistoric monsters to rampage around theme parks aren’t going to be particularly impressed by this offering from Disney, in which a top-secret formula is hidden by aristocrat Derek Nimmo inside the skeleton of a dinosaur at the Natural History Museum in London in the 1920s. There’s not even a sniff of(…)

One of Our Spies Is Missing (1966)

The Man from UNCLE TV series began as a spoof of James Bond, but took off with a life – albeit a mechanical one – of its own. This is one of the classier feature outings, with Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as indomitable Napoleon Solo and impassive Illya Kuryakin in an adventure that lives(…)

One Spy Too Many (1966)

The third of a number of feature films spun off from the hit TV series The Man from UNCLE, this lazy effort comprises situations from previously aired episodes (the two-part ‘The Alexander Affair’ which opened the series’ 1965-1966 TV season) and the result is, unsurprisingly, most unsatisfactory. As Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, Robert Vaughn and(…)

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