Movies – O

One, Two, Three (1961)

Billy Wilder’s madcap comedy takes place in a corporate, cold-war Berlin. James Cagney plays Mac, an American executive holed up in the west side and hell-bent on giving a good impression of himself in the hope of being promoted. But his plans are put at risk when he’s asked to keep a watchful eye over(…)

Operation Bikini (1963)

A single submarine and its crew deliver a brave six-man underwater demolition team to a rendezvous behind Japanese lines to undertake a secret operation that proved to be one of the keys to the final Allied victory. Lt. Morgan Hayes Tab Hunter Seaman Malzone Frankie Avalon Capt. Carey Scott Brady Chief Bosun’s Mate Fennelly Jim(…)

Operation Kid Brother (1967)

It must have seemed a good idea at the time: star Sean Connery’s brother Neil as himself in a spy spoof and surround him with ex-James Bond girls, villains and associates such as Adolfo Celi (Thunderball) , Daniela Bianchi (From Russia with Love), Bernard Lee (“M”) and Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny). Unfortunately Connery can’t act,(…)

Operation Petticoat (1959)

The US submarine Sea Tiger is severely damaged in the first days of WWII, before its captain, Lieutenant Commander Matt Sherman (Cary Grant,) has even left port. Sherman receives permission to attempt a repair and re-floats the sub with the help of his hard-working crew. Aided by the illicit scavenging talents of his new officer(…)

Operation Third Form (1966)

  School children save an old junk collector from being accused of a theft and prevent his partner from stealing a valuable painting. Dick John Moulder-Brown Tom Kevin Bennett Paddy Sydney Bromley Skinner Derren Nesbitt Alan Michael Crockett Brian Ronnie Caryl Jill Roberta Tovey Boss George Roderick Admiral William Sherwood Director David Eady

Optimists (Of Nine Elms), The (1973)

A wonderfully warm film presenting the flipside view to the Swinging Sixties dream as it fades into the Sour Seventies. A superb performance from Peter Sellers out of his comfort zone as Sam, a Northern music hall entertainer facing the trials and tribulations of getting old. Barely scraping enough together as a street performer to(…)

Orca (1977)

Captain Nolan Richard Harris Rachel Bedford Charlotte Rampling Umilak Will Sampson Annie Bo Derek Novak Keenan Wynn Ken Robert Carradine Al Swain Scott Walker Paul Peter Hooten Priest Wayne Heffley Director Michael Anderson

Ordinary People (1980)

Robert Redford makes an awesome directorial debut with Ordinary People, the adaptation of a best seller written by Minneapolis housewife Judith Guest, and winner of the Best Picture Oscar for 1980. This is the story of the Jarrett family, an upper-middle-class pillar of Midwestern suburban society. The Jarretts have got it made: French toast for breakfast,(…)

Orgy of the Dead (1965)

Bob (William Bates) and his girlfriend Shirley (Pat Barrington) go in search of a cemetery to inspire Bob for writing his next horror story. After they crash their car they wander into the graveyard and encounter the dancing dead – a full moon spectacle overseen by the ruler of the dark, The Emperor (Criswell). The(…)

Original Gangstas (1996)

Attention all blaxploitation fanatics! Five 1970s icons – Pam Grier, Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Ron O’Neal and Richard Roundtree – team up to teach a Gary, Indiana, ghetto gang a tough-guy lesson in veteran B-movie director Larry Cohen’s hip, black badass action update. Exciting and thought-provoking (should fire be fought with fire?), Cohen’s cool customer(…)

Osterman Weekend, The (1983)

The Osterman Weekend is a junk movie dedicated to the destruction of as many material things as possible – not to mention human lives (which seem altogether secondary). The movie begins with masked invaders jamming a giant hypodermic needle filled with poison through a naked girl’s nose until it hits her brain. Peckinpah loves this(…)

Our Man Flint (1965)

The box-office success of Ian Fleming’s 007 led to a rash of “super-Bond” spoofs back in the 1960s, and secret agent Derek Flint was one of the more memorable creations. James Coburn stars as the playboy, martial artist and occasional international ballet instructor(!) who is recruited by a secret espionage agency of the United Nations(…)

Our Man in Havana (1959)

Jim Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman in Havana, is approached by a spy (Noel Coward) and invited to supply him with information in exchange for money. Aware that he has no real intelligence to offer, Wormold decides to make some up. He also invents a string of imaginary agents and pockets their monthly pay packets. Asked(…)

Out Of Africa (1985)

Out of Africa is big, beautiful to look at, impressive, and the kind of sweeping, literary experience for which awards are given. (This one picked up Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay.) Baroness Karen Blixen lived from 1913 to 1931 in Kenya, and then was forced through economic disaster to return to her native Denmark, where she(…)

Out Of Sight (1966)

A spy’s butler plans to follow in his employer’s footsteps by tackling the case of a mad scientist at the beach. Out Of Sight was one of the better Beach Movie films, and featured great music from Freddie & The Dreamers, The Turtles, The Knickerbockers, The Astronauts, Dobie Gray and Gary Lewis & The Playboys. Look for the scrumptious Deanna Lund (Valerie in Land Of(…)