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Out of Towners, The (1970)

Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis are brilliant as the Kellermans, the "out of towners" of the title, who fly from Twin Oaks, Ohio, to New York City for a job interview. Lemmon is George, an executive who's hoping to take up the post as Vice President of Sales for his company. Sandy is his nervous(...)

Outland (1981)

In a titanium mining colony on Jupiter's volcanic moon, Io, workers have been taking an illegal super-amphetamine to increase their output so they can earn overtime bonuses. But after ten months of the stuff, they become psychotic and start to disconnect their air hoses or step out of air locks or brandish knives - anything to(...)

Outlaw Josey Wales, The (1976)

Clint Eastwood took over the direction of The Outlaw Josey Wales from its co-scenarist Philip Kaufman when the two men fell out over the character of Josey Wales. The result was Eastwood's finest film to date, both as actor and director. He plays a peaceable Missouri farmer whose family is murdered by Unionist guerrillas. He takes his(...)

Outsiders, The (1983)

Director Francis Ford Coppola mishandles this film adaptation of S. E. Hinton's novel about rival teenage gangs in Oklahoma during the 1960s (no actual time or location is ever established). The production drips with sentimental slush about poor kids ("greasers") who are tormented by rich youths ("soc" - pronounced 'soash' and short for 'socialites'). The(...)

Over The Top (1987)

Dating from the post-Rambo period when Sylvester Stallone's career was in the doldrums, this tacky drama has its roots in that old Wallace Beery classic The Champ. Here, boxing is replaced by arm wrestling, as trucker Lincoln Hawk (Sly) tries to re-establish a relationship with his military academy-trained son on a make-up or break trek(...)

Overlord (1975)

Beginning with a premonition of his death, the film follows Tom, a young everyman, through his call up to the East Yorkshire Regiment during WWII, his training, his meeting a young girl, his journey to France, and his death on Sword Beach during the D-Day landings. Tom Brian Stirner Jack Davyd Harries Arthur Nicholas Ball(...)

Owl and the Pussycat, The (1970)

Barbra Streisand plays against type, as well as actually letting her co-star, George Segal, get a word in edgeways, in this slick adaptation of Bill Manhoff's Broadway hit. She's an eccentric hooker who moves in with bookish neighbour Segal (who had her evicted from her own flat) in this Neil Simon-esque comedy. Director Herbert Ross(...)

Oz – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Road Movie (1976)

An Australian attempt to rework The Wizard of Oz for a mid-1970s youth audience. Dorothy (Joy Dunstan) is a sixteen-year-old groupie riding with a local rock band called Wally and the Falcons in country Australia when their van is in a road accident. Hitting her head, she is knocked unconscious and wakes up in the strange(...)

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