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Pacific Banana (1981)

The bawdy adventures of two Australian pilots working for Banana Airlines, a small low-rent South Pacific airline, as they cavort around the South Pacific. Paul (Robin Stewart of Bless This House fame) is a wildly successful womaniser, leaving conquests at every port while Martin (Graeme Blundell) is sad and lonely in his search for true love. Martin suffers(...)

Pacific Heights (1990)

Pacific Heights is another movie about yuppies in danger. This time, it's Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith as a couple who purchase and restore a Victorian house in San Francisco, then rent the downstairs apartment to pay the bills. The new tenant is Michael Keaton, a psycho who never pays rent or security, refuses to leave,(...)

Paint Your Wagon (1969)

A gold prospector buys a wife from a Mormon and agrees to share her with his mining partner when she insists they all live together. Mindful that her presence in an all-male town might give rise to jealousy, he hijacks a stagecoach carrying six working girls and opens a brothel in town. Alan Jay Lerner(...)

Pajama Game, The (1957)

A delectable Doris Day stars as the prettiest, smartest, female worker in a pyjama factory whose feminist ideas turn management vs. labour topsy-turvy, in the first of two movie versions of Broadway smash hits by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross (the second was Damn Yankees). Skilfully transferred to the screen without many changes, Pajama Game has a rousing(...)

Pajama Party (1964)

One of those kitsch 1960s Californian beach party movies which began with Beach Party (1963). In this one, Tommy Kirk plays a Martian scout sent to Earth to prepare for an invasion who drops in on the high jinks of a teenage party with suitably nonplussed results. Meanwhile, a plot is afoot by two con men to(...)

Pal Joey (1957)

Renowned ladies man Joey Evans (Frank Sinatra) arrives in San Francisco looking for nightclub entertainment work and lands a job at The Barbary Coast Club. Almost at once he meets Linda English (Kim Novak), a chorus girl who is as genuine as she is lovely, and Vera Simpson (Rita Hayworth), a burlesque queen who retired after(...)

Panic In Needle Park, The (1971)

Drug abuse movies can be hard to take, but this compelling drama has a superior screenplay (by Joan Didion and her husband John Gregory Dunne) and sensational performances from young Al Pacino and Kitty Winn. Pacino is the cheeky bad boy (he's a drug addict and dealer) and Winn the nice, sweet girl (recovering from a botched(...)

Paper Moon (1973)

Ryan O'Neal plays a bible-selling conman in depression-era Kansas, who falls in with a sassy, cigarette-smoking little girl (O'Neal's daughter, Tatum) who proves to be as sharp, if not sharper, than he is. Inevitably, Tatum O'Neal steals the show as the self-possessed nine-year-old who succumbs to childish jealousy when grown-up girl Madeline Kahn comes along(...)

Papillon (1973)

This unrelenting film was made by Franklin J Schaffner from Henri Charrière's autobiographical account of life in (and escape from) the penal colony on Devil's Island, French Guyana, South America. Steve McQueen played the title role as a French safe-cracker imprisoned there for a murder he did not commit (who acquired the nickname 'Papillon' thanks to(...)

Paradise Alley (1978)

Paradise Alley was written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, who also played the starring role in this entertaining account of three Italian-American brothers whose sole purpose in life is to better themselves and escape from the claustrophobia of Hell's Kitchen in New York in 1946. Stallone played the middle brother with Armand Assante as the oldest,(...)

Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)

After striking box office gold with the massive hit Blue Hawaii (1961), Elvis Presley returned for more fun in the 50th state, with the combination of sun, surf, girls and song just too good to leave alone. This time, Elvis plays rabble-rouser Rick Richards, a bad-boy pilot who tries to start a helicopter charter company on the island,(...)

Paranoiac (1962)

The return of Tony Ashby, believed drowned in boyhood, on the eve of the division of the family fortune saves Eleanor, his sister, from the charge of insanity and reveals their brother, Simon, as a murderer. Tony confesses to Eleanor, with whom he has fallen in love, that he is an imposter and Simon perishes(...)

Paratroop Command (1959)

Second World War adventure, starring Richard Bakalyan, Ken Lynch and Jack Hogan. A soldier accidentally kills one of his own regiment and struggles to live with the consequences of his actions, but is later given a chance to redeem himself. Richard Bakalyan Ken Lynch Jack Hogan Jimmy Murphy Director William Witney

Parent Trap, The (1961)

Parent Trap, The (1961)

They cloned Pollyanna. Not really, but that was certainly the effect Walt Disney wanted for 1961's The Parent Trap. Young actress Hayley Mills (pictured at right) had skyrocketed to fame the previous year as the title character in Disney's , and Walt decided to capitalise on that success by giving the girl double billing. As twins Sharon and(...)

Paris, Texas (1984)

German director Wim Wenders miraculously accomplished what most American directors could never do - he made an absorbing film about the landscape of the human soul that is haunting, beautifully shot, sensitively acted, and lyrically written by Sam Shepard. Harry Dean Stanton rises from the ranks of character actors to leading man with dignity and(...)

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