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Phantom Tollbooth, The (1967)

To say The Phantom Tollbooth was Chuck Jones’ debut would be like saying Napoleon won the “Battle of Three Emperors” single-handedly. Sure they’re important, but in both cases you ignore all the short subjects. Jones’ adaptation of Norman Juster’s famed children’s book was indeed his first feature film (and the first animated feature for MGM), but the(…)

Phase IV (1974)

Ants suddenly form a collective intelligence and begin to wage war on desert inhabitants. It is up to two scientists and a stray girl they rescue from the ants to destroy them With a complete arsenal of the latest technology at their disposal, the humans are helpless against the horde of highly intelligent ants. Basically a(…)

Phenomenon (1996)

A strange light in the sky gives small-town mechanic George Malley (John Travolta) paranormal powers in this feel-good sci-fi fable from director Jon Turteltaub. As scientists attempt to evaluate his sudden escalation to genius, Travolta battles against an obvious script to focus all his energies on wooing divorced single mother Kyra Sedgwick. Hidden among the(…)

Philadelphia (1993)

Tom Hanks, in the most artistically challenging and physically and emotionally punishing role of his career, plays Andy Beckett, a whiz-kid lawyer who is rising to the top of his career in Philadelphia’s most powerful and prestigious white bread WASP law firm. But while Andy’s achievements and hard work have catapulted him to success, he’s(…)

Phynx, The (1970)

A wonderfully bizarre cinematic nugget of the psychedelic era. The Phynx are the ultimate pre-fab pop group, created by computer and catapulted to fame by the CIA (aided by some of Lieber-Stoller’s less stellar tunes). The plan is for the computer-created group to go behind the Iron Curtain and rescue a vast collection of American(…)

Piano , The (1993)

Holly Hunter is a wilful mail-order bride who has, for some unexplained reason, been mute since the age of 6. When she arrives to wed a stranger in the wilds of 19th century New Zealand with only her daughter and her piano to remind her of the civilization she left behind, unbridled longings erupt and(…)

Pickup on South Street (1953)

The film begins in the sticky heat of a New York subway train. Candy (Jean Peters), her bored face covered with a film of perspiration, is being eyed up by two men (we later find out they’re surveillance men, so their voyeurism is strictly professional). Then Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) shuffles toward her in the(…)

Picnic (1955)

When a drifter arrives in a small Kansas town during Labour Day celebrations and looks up an old college friend, he is invited to participate in the festivities. There he meets his chum’s stunningly attractive fiancée, and instantly falls for her. The movie earned six Oscar nominations for its daringly frank depiction (by 1950s standards) of(…)

Picnic At Hanging Rock (1976)

It is St. Valentine’s Day in Australia, the year is 1900, and a party of schoolgirls from an exclusive finishing school are giddily embarking on a picnic excursion to a strange, sloping, Neolithic monolith forty miles from Melbourne (February is summertime “Down Under”). Three students and one of the teachers disappear, with no trace. The(…)

Pillow Talk (1959)

Pillow Talk (1959)

Rock Hudson reveals a deft talent for comedy in Pillow Talk in which he plays a philandering songwriter whose shared party phone line with career girl Doris Day leads to romantic complications. Directed by Michael Gordon, produced by Ross Hunter, and sleek as a brand-new Cadillac in Eastmancolor and Cinemascope, Pillow Talk features a superb supporting cast that includes(…)

Pink Flamingos (1972)

Quite possibly the worst film ever made, Pink Flamingos is certainly one of the most notorious and celebrated pieces of trash cinema to come out of the American underground, virtually writing the manual of gross-out movie-making. Wriiten, produced and directed by John Waters (and shot around Waters’ hometown of Baltimore, Maryland), Pink Flamingos traces the inevitable victory of transvestite(…)

Pink Panther Strikes Again, The (1976)

On the verge of release from a psychiatric hospital after years of treatment, former Chief Inspector Dreyfus is driven mad by a chance encounter with the innocent cause of his breakdown, Jacques Clouseau. Dreyfus assembles an international network of top assassins to eliminate his arch enemy, but his intended victim continues to create mayhem. Peter(…)

Pink Panther, The (1963)

Throughout his career, Peter Sellers won worldwide acclaim for his amazing comedic performances in films like Dr. Strangelove (1963) and Being There (1979). However, none of his other comic creations were as beloved by audiences as Inspector Clouseau. Sellers starred as this bumbling French detective in a series of comedies that became big hits in the 1960’s and 1970’s, redefining(…)

Piranha (1978)

Two Texan teenagers (Roger Richman and Janie Squire) find shelter for the night in an abandoned military research centre and go for a swim in the pool. They are attacked by a mutant strain of piranha fish capable of living in both fresh and sea water of any temperature and created as a secret weapon against(…)

Pirate Movie, The (1982)

  Two of America’s hottest young stars joined a veteran English director in 1982 to make a musical movie about pirates in Australia. The romantic interest in the film was provided by 19-year-old Kristy McNichol (best known for the TV series Family) and Christopher Atkins (whose first film The Blue Lagoon opposite Brooke Shields, was an international hit).(…)

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