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Ratboy (1986)

Sondra Locke directs and stars in yet another tale of an exploited misfit. This time it's a half boy, half rat creature (SL Baird) and again we have the archetypal outsider being exposed and promoted as a weird commercial fairground attraction. Plucked from the comfort of his Hollywood rubbish dump into a media circus, Ratboy(...)

Rattle Of A Simple Man (1964)

Harry H Corbett strays into Norman Wisdom territory in this disappointing comedy drama from the husband-and-wife team of Sydney and Muriel Box. As innocent Percy Winthram - in his late thirties, obsessed with football, inexperienced in love and dominated by his mother - who is following his football team to Wembley, Corbett is unconvincingly wide-eyed, although his scenes(...)

Raven, The (1963)

A funny satire of horror stories (inspired by Poe's poem) set in 15th-century England - a time ruled by magic, fear, and superstition. Dr. Craven (Vincent Price) is the son of a great sorcerer, now dead, who was once himself quite skilled at that profession, but has since abandoned it.   One evening, a cowardly(...)

Razorback (1983)

Mystery thriller set in the Australian outback, about a 500-kilogram feral razorback boar. The boar attacks a lonely homestead near the outback town of Gamulla, wounding Jake Cullen (Bill Kerr) and making off with his infant grandson The old man is put on trial for the murder of the baby. He is acquitted for lack of evidence but(...)

Re-Animator (1985)

Director Stuart Gordon reached new heights of inspired gore with this witty and well-paced tale of an unstable researcher who has discovered a way of reanimating dead tissue. Based on the H P Lovecraft short story collection Herbert West: Re-Animator, the film combines all of the stories into one film. Jeffrey Combs as the title character(...)

Reach for the Sky (1956)

While many of Hollywood's tales about heroism during the Second World War were tainted by smug patriotism and unwelcome sentiment, postwar British cinema tended to handle the events of the conflict with fidelity and dignity, thanks no doubt to its worthy documentary heritage. This inspiring tale of unassuming courage is one of the finest in(...)

Rear Window (1954)

James Stewart stars as "Jeff" Jeffries, a news photographer with a broken leg who is confined to a wheelchair in his Greenwich Village apartment. He passes the time by spying on his neighbours across the backyard, sometimes through his telephoto lens. Each window offers a glimpse into another life and in effect tells another story.(...)

Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

James Dean lit-up the screen as mixed-up kid and bad boy, Jim Stark. Jim's real problem is that he despises his father for his weakness and seems unable to relate to anyone except Judy (Natalie Wood), who, like him, is essentially nice but misunderstood. He is redeemed by his attempt to save his friend Plato (Sal(...)

Rebel, The (Call Me Genius) (1961)

During the day Tony is trapped in the drudgery of a nine-to-five office job at United International Transatlantic Consolidated Amalgamation Ltd. But at night he imagines himself an artist with great talent and vision - although his landlady Mrs Crevatte (Irene Handl on top form) regards all of his efforts as a load of miscellaneous rubbish.(...)

Red Dawn (1984)

After a quick rundown of politics in the film's then-near-future world (Mexico has fallen to the Commies etc.), director John Milius cuts straight to the action. Teenagers Matt (Charlie Sheen) and Robert (C. Thomas Howell) watch in horror as their history teacher gets mowed down by Russian and Cuban paratroopers. Soon they're fleeing to the(...)

Red Heat (1988)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big, dopey Soviet cop who treks from Moscow to Chicago to round up a Russian drug dealer. It's basically 48 Hours (1982) with Arnold in the weary, straight-faced Nick Nolte role and Jim Belushi replacing Eddie Murphy as his wisecracking sidekick, who calls the Commie juggernaut "Gumby." They run around breaking rules and(...)

Red Rock West (1992)

A hapless drifter (Nicolas Cage, this time in a non-comic variation on his innocent dupe persona) turns up in a small town with nothing but his wits to keep him going. A vengeful local (JT Walsh) with a bitter grudge mistakes the loner for a hitman, and offers him a hefty sum to murder Walsh's(...)

Reds (1981)

This nearly four-hour-long political saga about Communist journalist John Reed and his neurotic wife Louise Bryant was meticulously directed by Warren Beatty, who clearly had an obsession with the man - the only American to be buried in the Kremlin. The film begins when Reed visits Portland, Oregon, in 1915, and meets Louise Bryant, feminist(...)

Reform School Girl (1957)

In this trashy exploitation picture aimed at the youth market, Gloria Castillo is the kind of well-developed teenager who has only to iron a dress in her underwear to be propositioned by her uncle. Sent to reform school after refusing to squeal on her car-thief boyfriend, she is victimised and almost murdered before settling down(...)

Reluctant Astronaut, The (1967)

Two years prior, Don Knotts had put his patented comedy spin on 'haunted house' horror movie conventions in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1965), and he did the same to the Western in 1968 as The Shakiest Gun in the West. So a foray into world of sci-fi made perfect sense - Mr. Knotts, after all, was not(...)

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