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Ride Lonesome (1959)

The seven Westerns Budd Boetticher made with leading man Randolph Scott are notable for Scott's wry, laconic, weather-beaten virtuousness; colourful secondary characters; visual gracefulness; stark, abstract landscapes; and a muted but aching sense of tragedy. If Ride Lonesome stands out in the series, it's because of the optimism of its ending, the easygoing interplay between Pernell Roberts(...)

Ride the Wild Surf (1964)

A group of friends go to Hawaii in order to practice surfing, their favourite sport. But this is not all they do there - they also find love.   Jody Wallis Fabian Brie Matthews Shelley Fabares Chase Colton Peter Brown Augie Poole Barbara Eden Steamer Lane Tab Hunter Lily Kilua Susan Hart Eskimo James Mitchum(...)

Rififi (1955)

When Jules Dassin sent Jean Servais and his gang into a Rue de Rivoli jewellery store, little did he know that he was giving birth to that ever-popular subgenre, the caper movie. However, no one since has matched the tension and cinematic mastery of the near 30-minute robbery sequence here, which is executed in the(...)

Right Stuff, The (1983)

The Right Stuff is a 200-minute history lesson about America's space program. It is expensive, exasperating, exhausting, exhilarating, overblown, overproduced, sometimes excruciatingly stuffy, often exciting, and always cinematic. It is entirely too long (what it needs more than anything else is a pair of scissors) and so filled with portentous sound effects, arty camera angles, and holy(...)

Ringo and His Golden Pistol (1966)

Sergio Corbucci spent much of his career in the shadow of spaghetti western master Sergio Leone. Lacking Leone's storytelling gifts, Corbucci was prone to fall back on violence and camera trickery when short on plot inspiration. Here, he is content to enliven this unremarkable, but occasionally explosive, tale of banditry and bounty-hunting with ideas borrowed(...)

Rio Bravo (1959)

In Rio Bravo, Howard Hawks abandoned the sweeping exteriors of the traditional Western for the claustrophobic interiors of a frontier town's bars, hotel and jail. John Wayne plays cantankerous loner lawman John T Chance who reluctantly gathers a "family" around him - old-time Walter Brennan, drunken deputy Dean Martin, professional gambler Angie Dickinson and beardless youth(...)

Riot on Sunset Strip (1967)

LA bad-girl (Mimsy Farmer) gets involved with a gang of drugged-out hippie scum who feed her drugs and rape her at a party, much to the annoyance of her policeman father (Aldo Ray). Inspired by the real-life Sunset Strip riots (which only occurred six weeks prior to the release of this film), Riot on Sunset(...)

Rise & Rise Of Michael Rimmer, The (1970)

Rise & Rise Of Michael Rimmer, The (1970)

This brilliantly observed satire of party politics and spin doctors was commissioned by David Frost in 1966 and was a box office failure on release, although it has since gained cult status. The cast reads like a who's who of British comedy, with Graham Chapman, fellow Monty Python member John Cleese, Ronnie Corbett, Denholm Elliott(...)

Risky Business (1983)

Left to safeguard the family home while his parents are away, promising student Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) seizes the chance to have the time of his life. But when a friend's prank results in Joel being visited by troubled prostitute Lana (Rebecca De Mornay), things get out of hand as he turns his parents' home(...)

Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987)

Shamelessly stark social comedy by director Alan Clarke adapted from two controversial plays by the teenage playwright Andrea Dunbar. A bawdy 80s farce of politically incorrect hilarity handled with sympathy, leaving the viewer wondering who is exploiting whom. Rita (Siobhan Finneran) and Sue (Michelle Holmes) are two teenage schoolgirls who live on a rundown Bradford(...)

River, The (1984)

A rural couple (Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek) battle against nature and the machinations of a local landowner (Scott Glenn) in this well-shot, but fairly inconsequential drama from director Mark Rydell. Besides the pretty scenery, the film is chiefly of interest for a pre-super stardom Gibson, taking the kind of unsympathetic role that would give(...)

River’s Edge (1987)

A gripping study of teen ambivalence with an utter lack of angst, River's Edge is a creepy, powerful and under-seen picture featuring clever yet believable dialogue and virtuoso performances. It is an obvious precursor to Twin Peaks in both theme and atmosphere. Taking place in a small, nameless, northern Californian town, it follows a group of teenage characters over(...)

Robbery (1967)

It says a lot about Stanley Baker’s versatility that he could go from Accident (1967) to this ultra hard-boiled fictionalised retelling of the Great Train Robbery without missing a beat. His character is the tightly wound leader of the heist gang, an ex-jailbird who will let nothing stand in the way of his planned robbery. He cajoles,(...)

Robe, The (1953)

20th Century Fox's The Robe was the first motion picture filmed using Fox's new process called  Cinemascope ("The modern miracle you see without glasses!"). The wide-screen technique was developed in the 1920s by French physicist Henri-Jacques Chrétien, and involved the use of a special lens that spread the image over a larger area than a normal cinema(...)

Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964)

In prohibition-era Chicago, the corrupt sheriff and Guy Gisborne, a south-side racketeer, knock off the boss Big Jim. Everyone falls in line behind Guy except Robbo, who controls the north side. Although he's outgunned, Robbo wants to keep his own territory. A pool-playing dude from Indiana and the director of a boys' orphanage join forces with(...)

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