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Run Of The Arrow (1957)

  An ex-Confederate soldier, who refuses to accept the death of the South, escapes to the West. After being subjected to a savage ritual endurance test, he joins the Sioux tribe. This was Rod Steiger's least favourite film because he didn't get on with director Samuel Fuller, but the personality clash sparked one of his(...)

Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)

Second World War drama starring Burt Lancaster as Lieutenant Jim Bledsoe, who expects to take charge of the submarine Nerka, but the job is given instead to Commander Richardson (Clark Gable), who doesn't exactly instil confidence in the crew as his last submarine was sunk by the Japanese. Richardson has to return to the dreaded Bongo(...)

Running Man, The (1987)

In the 21st century, America is under totalitarian rule. Ben Richards, a Los Angeles police helicopter pilot, is framed for mass murder by the authorities and sent to a detention centre. But Richards's determination to escape leads to his participation in TV's deadliest show, The Running Man. Given TV's increasingly desperate search for new programme(...)

Running On Empty (1988)

River Phoenix stars as Danny - the musically gifted child of two former student radicals (Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti) who have been on the run from the FBI for almost 20 years since the couple bombed a university research centre, blinding a janitor in the blast. Living out of suitcases, the couple are unable(...)

Ruthless People (1986)

Wealthy but loathsome millionaire businessman Sam Stone (Danny DeVito) plans to murder his wife, Barbara (Bette Midler) so he can marry his mistress. He thinks his problems are over when his wife is kidnapped by an inept young couple (Helen Slater and Judge Reinhold) who threaten to kill her if their ransom demands are not(...)

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