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Supervixens (1975)

Cult sexploiter Russ Meyer cranked up his giddy formula of fast pacing, breathless editing and weird camera angles to overdrive for this exaggerated cartoon romp, complete with a "That's All, Folks" ending. The convoluted plot detailing the sexual misadventures of a man on the run for a murder he didn't commit includes escaped Nazis, psycho(...)

Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

This is a notoriously titled movie even by Troma's standards, taking its place alongside such B features as Rabid Grannies and The Toxic Avenger (1985) and featuring the usual bad acting and ludicrous plotline. It's set in a future California, where a devastating earthquake has left millions homeless and the beaches have turned into battlegrounds, as(...)

Surf Party (1964)

Terry (Patricia Morrow), Sylvia (Lory Patrick), and Junior (Jackie DeShannon) arrive in Malibu Beach from Arizona to vacation and to visit Terry’s brother Skeet (Jerry Summers). Sylvia falls in love with Skeet; Terry falls in love with Len (Bobby Vinton), the operator of a local surf shop; and Junior falls in love with Milo (Ken(...)

Suspect (1987)

Objection your honour. The defence counsel is presenting herself as a harassed, hard-working public defender and she looks suspiciously like the glamorous film star Cher! Objection sustained. Credibility is the first casualty in this Washington-set conspiracy romp, in which the murder of a Justice Department clerk and the suicide of a judge lead to revelations of(...)

Suspiria (1976)

Suspiria (1976)

Suzy, a young American dance student arrives in Germany during a rainstorm of biblical proportions and finds horror at a bizarre ballet school. Shortly thereafter a woman is attacked through a window, suffocated, stabbed repeatedly through the heart and then dropped through a glass skylight and hanged by a noose. A second woman is killed(...)

Swallows & Amazons (1973)

Four mischievous youngsters go boating while on holiday in the Lake District where they encounter two more children with a boat of their own, and a rivalry develops over a series of escapades.    Lovingly photographed by Denis Lewiston, this is an engaging if sometimes pedestrian adaptation of the Arthur Ransome children's novel. Director Claude(...)

Swamp Thing (1982)

  Scientist Alec Holland (Ray Wise) is trying to develop a plant which will have the aggressiveness of animals and be able to survive in hardy climates. The evil Arcane (Louis Jourdan) breaks in to steal the formula, which is then accidentally spilt on Holland, who runs off to the swamp, re-emerging as the 'Swamp Thing'.(...)

Swarm, The (1978)

African killer bees are moving west and threatening to engulf Houston, Texas. Quick, call on entomologist Michael Caine and a hive of Hollywood has-beens to out-ham each other while reciting terrible dialogue and getting stung by coloured Styrofoam pellets! Producer/director Irwin Allen added new meaning to his "master of disaster" title with this bumbled B-movie,(...)

Sweet Ride, The (1968)

Ageing tennis hustler Collie Ransom (Tony Franciosa), young surfer Denny McGuire (Michael Sarrazin), and young musician Choo-Choo Burns (Bob Denver) live the beach bum life at Malibu with little to do except watch young starlet Vickie Cartwright (Jacqueline Bisset) emerge topless from the ocean waves. Denny falls for Vickie. Vickie is beaten up by her possessive(...)

Sweet Smell Of Success (1957)

A lacerating dissection of yellow journalism on Broadway, and one of the most acclaimed films of 1957. Burt Lancaster is the evil gossip columnist, J.J. Hunsecker, read by millions, who has the power to make careers or destroy lives with his acid typewriter (these were the days before computers). Tony Curtis, in the best performance(...)

Sweet Sweetback’s BaadAssss Song (1971)

Almost certainly the most important feature in the history of black film-making in the US, this is an angry riposte to the stereotypical characters that exist in both mainstream and blaxploitation pictures. Written, directed, edited and scored by its star, Melvin Van Peebles, it's a film that couldn't care less if it makes any friends.(...)

Swimmer, The (1968)

Based on a short story by cult writer John Cheever, The Swimmer stars Burt Lancaster as a washed-up suburban man who decides to swim home, using all the pools in his neighbourhood en route. This is not only healthy - and Lancaster looks terrific in his trunks - it's a metaphor for alienation from affluence, sexual(...)

Swinger, The (1966)

Completing director George Sidney's "trilogy" of cinematic love-letters to Ann-Margret - the other two being Viva Las Vegas  (1964) and Bye Bye Birdie (1963) - the storyline in The Swinger revolves around Kelly Olsson (Ann's character, who shares the actress' real surname), an aspiring short story author who poses as a bad girl to impress Tony Franciosa, the editor-in-chief of Girl-Lure magazine (a thinly-veiled(...)

Swingers (1996)

This is an honest exploration of male friendship based on lead actor Jon Favreau's autobiographical script about his first years in Hollywood. He, and three fellow out-of-work actors, bar hop around LA's hip watering holes, bitch nonstop, continually try to pick up women and wait endlessly by the phone for that all-important call. It's a(...)

Sword In The Stone, The (1963)

Getting a mixed reception on its release, this feature-length cartoon account of young King Arthur's magical misadventures from Disney is now considered the definitive version of TH White's novel. There are lacklustre songs by the Sherman brothers, but the film makes good use of its limited animation techniques (Disney was on a cost-cutting drive at(...)

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