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Scream and Scream Again (1970)

For several years after the film was released, Vincent Price claimed he never understood the script at all. Dr Browning Vincent Price Fremont Christopher Lee Major Heinrich Benedek Peter Cushing Sylvia Judy Huxtable Detective Supt. Bellaver Alfred Marks Keith Michael Gothard Ludwig Anthony Newlands Schweitz Peter Sallis Jane Uta Levka Dr. David Sorel Christopher Matthews Helen(...)

Scum (1979)

Billiard balls in a sock, gang rape in a greenhouse, teenage suicide . . . it's all here in Alan Clarke's brutal look at life in a British borstal. Carlin (Ray "I'm the daddy now!" Winstone) is the focus of this remake of a 1977 made-for-TV Play For Today drama banned by the BBC. The film portrays(...)

Se7en (1995)

Director David Fincher's brilliant postmodern crime thriller is a grim and disturbing tale about a vicious serial killer on the loose in an unnamed city. Intelligently scripted by Andrew Kevin Walker, Se7en is a work of extraordinary style, upsetting power and narrative daring. It also boasts fine performances from Morgan Freeman as disillusioned detective, William(...)

Searchers, The (1956)

John Ford had been making westerns for almost four decades before he acknowledged the racism inherent in cowboys vs Indians and directed this exciting, breathtakingly beautiful and psychologically complex masterpiece. John Wayne found the role of his career as Ethan Edwards, an Indian-hating ex-Confederate soldier torn apart by the thought that his kidnapped niece, Debbie(...)

Sebastian (1968)

Colourful, pungently witty tale of conservative Oxford professor Sebastian (Dirk Bogarde) enlisting hot-tempered, swinging interior decorator Becky Howard (Susannah York) into his all-female Secret Service code-breaking department and getting more than he bargained for (dosed with LSD by ex-girlfriend Janet Munro's Soviet spy friends). When Elsa Shahn leaks information to a left-wing organisation he is(...)

Seconds (1966)

Described by many, as one of the most underappreciated films of the sixties, John Frankenheimer’s 1966 mystery drama Seconds, is the third entry in the director’s unofficial 'paranoia trilogy'. It's the story of Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph), a downbeat middle-aged man who is approached by a company with the opportunity to fake his own death(...)

Send Me No Flowers (1964)

Rock Hudson is quite funny as George, a hypochondriac, who, believing he has only a few weeks to live, asks his best pal to find a second husband for his wife, Judy (Doris Day). The comedy blend of Hudson and Day works well and the two stars together make a good box-office draw. Tony Randall(...)

Serpico (1973)

Based on the true story of New York cop Frank Serpico, who sacrificed his career to expose widespread corruption in the NYPD. Al Pacino is forcefully real as Serpico, an independent young recruit entering the police force in the late 1960s fulfilling a childhood dream. New York's finest lose no time in initiating Serpico in(...)

Servant, The (1963)

Self-consciously 'modern' when it was released, this study of class power and sexual desire starred James Fox as an upper-class twit and Dirk Bogarde as Barrett, his gentleman's gentleman. Harold Pinter wrote the script for this absorbing and effective study of a man's descent into decadence based on a 1948 novella by Robin Maugham. Bogarde(...)

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)

Choreographer Michael Kidd's exuberant dance numbers are the best of many good things about this joyful - though undeniably profoundly sexist - musical set in Oregon in 1850. The plot concerns a family of six mangy fur-trapping brothers - Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank and Gideon - who abduct the only available women in town(...)

Seven Samurai, The (1954)

A veteran samurai (Takashi Shimura) answers a village's request for protection from marauding bandits who return every year to rape, kill and steal. He assembles a team of six other samurai and they teach the townspeople how to defend themselves. When forty bandits attack the village, a fight to the death ensues. Although set in(...)

Seven Year Itch, The (1955)

The Seven Year Itch features Marilyn Monroe as the dumb blonde next door - she keeps her panties in the fridge and recognises classical music because "there isn't a vocal" - who drives bachelor-for-the-summer Tom Ewell bananas in the New York heat. This is the film that stopped traffic in Times Square and made headlines from Brooklyn to(...)

Seventh Seal, The (1957)

Shot in only 35 days, The Seventh Seal is a medieval morality tale which powerfully depicts the cruelties of the time such as witch burning and flagellation, as well as the joys and aspirations of ordinary people. Set against the backdrop of 14th century Sweden, in the midst of the plague, a knight (Max Von Sydow) and(...)

Seventh Sign, The (1988)

Demi Moore plays Abby Quinn - A young, unstable, and very pregnant woman living in Venice, California - who leases her garage apartment to mysterious David, who seems to be trying to claim the soul and the life of her unborn child. Little does she knows that he is Christ incarnate and has come to(...)

Sex And The Single Girl (1964)

Romantic comedy about a ruthless newspaper editor (Tony Curtis) who sets his sights on writing a risqué article about a marital and sexual psychologist (Natalie Wood). A great cast includes Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall.

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