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She (1965)

She (1965)

Fantasy adventure, based on H Rider Haggard's classic novel, starring Ursula Andress, John Richardson and Peter Cushing. Explorer Leo Vincey is persuaded to find a lost city in the African desert by the mysterious and immortal Ayesha. Ursula Andress is destined always to be remembered for her voluptuous performance in the first Bond movie, Dr(...)

She-Devils On Wheels (1968)

An all-female motorcycle gang called The Maneaters hold motorcycle races and terrorise the residents of a small Florida town while clashing with a rival all-male gang of riders. Queen Betty Connell Honey Pot Nancy Noble Karen Christie Wagner Ted Rodney Bedell Whitey Pat Poston Terry Ruby Tuesday Joe-Boy John Weymer Muscles Leslie Sharoff Russian Joani Kramer(...)

She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

Spike Lee's directorial debut hasn't lost any of its vitality over the years and remains his most genuinely entertaining work, refreshingly free of much of the political rhetoric which occasionally overcomes his other projects. Tracy Camila Johns is Nola Darling, a strong-willed uninhibited young woman with an addiction to sex who refuses to be tied(...)

She’s Having A Baby (1988)

In this autobiographical prequel to his Mr Mom (1983), John Hughes cast Kevin Bacon as a young man who settles uncomfortably into marriage and finally understands why it was the right move only after he becomes a father. Bacon is endearing and often funny as a Chicago advertising copywriter, and Elizabeth McGovern does more than just flash(...)

Shine (1996)

Australia in the 1950s: the young David Helfgott excels at the piano, but his domineering father forbids him to accept a scholarship to study further. David struggles to escape his father's restrictions and travels to England, where his genius is recognised. But then he suffers a setback that will change his life forever. Although reservations(...)

Shining, The (1980)

Shining, The (1980)

The book The Shining by Stephen King didn't make much sense - he described it as "just a little story about writer's block" - and the film doesn't make much sense, either. A Vermont writer named Jack Torrence (Nicholson), his wife Wendy (Duvall) and his son Danny (Danny Lloyd) go to stay at the Overlook Hotel (a(...)

Shirley Valentine (1989)

Shirley Valentine is a bored middle-aged Liverpool housewife, mother of two grown, selfish kids and an indentured servant to a dull drone of a husband. Plump and depressed, Shirley's days consist of grocery shopping, housecleaning and frying her husband's dinner. Sipping wine and talking to her kitchen wall, she tosses off witty one-liners about marriage,(...)

Shivers (1975)

Shivers (1975)

David Cronenberg's first "important" horror film may now look a little crude, but the obsessions that would colour his later works are already apparent. The story is centred around a vaguely futuristic high-rise apartment complex where a sex-starved parasite invented by a mad scientist is implanted in a girl's stomach and gradually works its way(...)

Shock Treatment (1981)

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (1957)

In Medicine Bend, a crooked businessman has the town mayor and sheriff in his pocket while his henchmen raid the wagon trains passing through the region. Capt. Devlin  Randolph Scott Clark James Craig Priscilla Angie Dickinson Nell Dani Crayne Maitland James Garner Clegg Gordon Jones Sheriff Trevor Bardette Mayor Don Beddoe Director Richard L. Bare

Shooting, The (1966)

Back from the Philippines, where he’d just shot a pair of features for Roger Corman with Jack Nicholson, Monte Hellman repeated the trick with a diptych of westerns in 1966. Ride in the Whirlwind offered another screenwriting credit for Jack Nicholson, but The Shooting would prove to be the masterpiece of the two - an existential(...)

Shootist, The (1976)

John Wayne stars as J.B. Brooks, the last of the legendary shootists who returns to Carson City for a physical by his old friend and doctor. When it is confirmed he is terminally ill with cancer, he sets out to make his final eight days worthwhile. In a shoot-out climax, five men die; four with(...)

Short Circuit (1986)

Energised by a freak power overload, a government robot called 'Number Five' springs to life, takes on hilarious human characteristics, and promptly goes AWOL. But the military regard him as a malfunctioning menace and the race is on to save the unit before it is destroyed. As Steve Guttenberg's goofy inventor tries to locate his(...)

Short Cuts (1993)

Doing for Los Angeles what he did for Nashville, Robert Altman rediscovers the sprawling, evocative, patchwork magnificence of his previous mid-1970s peak in this loose compendium of tales largely based on the short stories of Raymond Carver. Seemingly disparate, as these tales of marital discord, familial disconnect and existential doubt unfold in languid, offbeat style,(...)

Show Boat (1951)

The Cotton Blossom, owned by the Hawks family, is a renowned showboat in the American deep south. Julie Laverne (Ava Gardner) and her husband are the stars of the show. After an informer notifies the local police that Julie is actually half-black and married to a white man, they are forced to leave the boat(...)

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