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“5” Royales, The

The "5" Royales began life in the 1940s as a gospel group called The Royal Sons Quintet but rechristened themselves The Royals after going secular and signing to New York's Apollo label in 1952. But Hank Ballard's backing band at the time was also called The Royals, so guitarist/songwriter Lowman 'El' Pauling and co added(...)

10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs (named after the low-budget horror movie Two Thousand Maniacs) was formed in Jamestown, NY, in 1981 by singer Natalie Merchant and guitarist John Lombardo. The group gigged extensively and recorded independently before signing with Elektra and making their The Wishing Chair album in 1985. The album was a delightful folk-rock record full of insight, originality and personality,(...)

101’ers, The

Primarily known as the band Joe Strummer was in before he joined The Clash, The 101'ers were part of the last wave of British pub rock bands of the mid '70s. The group never released any recordings while they were together, yet they were among the important transitional figures in the metamorphosis of pub rock into(...)


Vocalist/guitarist Graham Gouldman was a songwriter of pop hits during the 1960s. Amongst his many compositions are some pure classics: For Your Love (The Yardbirds), No Milk Today (Herman's Hermits), Look Through Any Window (The Hollies) - chart pop at its most sophisticated. Eric Stewart, meanwhile, got his break in The Mindbenders. As for Godley and Creme - they sloped off to(...)

13th Floor Elevators

13th Floor Elevators

Featuring the yelping vocals and visionary - occasionally demented - lyrics of Roky Erickson, The 13th Floor Elevators were one of the original acid-rock bands. Formed in Texas in the mid-60s, The Elevators started as a garage rock outfit, scoring their one and only modest national hit with You're Gonna Miss Me (1966). Originally recorded in 1965(...)

1910 Fruitgum Company

The 1910 Fruitgum Company began life as Jeckell and The Hydes in New Jersey in 1965. They signed to Buddah Records in 1967 and released five LPs under their own name (plus a number of singles) as well as appearing on the LP The Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus, which was promoted as a "bubblegum superjam". Their first(...)


1927 formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1987. Guitarist and keyboardist Garry Frost had left Moving Pictures after their second album, Matinée (Frost had co-written Moving Pictures' 1981 #1 hit What About Me? ) and was writing songs for a proposed new band when he saw Eric Weideman singing on the 'Red Faces' talent segment of Melbourne TV(...)

2 Tone

The independent 2 Tone Records label was founded by Jerry Dammers of The Specials in 1979. Dedicated to dance-floor music performed by racially mixed bands, the label released The Special's own Gangsters in 1979. Signing an innovative distribution deal with Chrysalis Records, 2 Tone enjoyed further hits in 1979 with The Prince by Madness and(...)


20/20 was formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by high school friends Steve Allen (guitar, vocals) and Ron Flynt (bass,vocals). They relocated to Los Angeles in 1977, after fellow Tulsa natives Phil Seymour and Dwight Twilley met with success. There they added Mike Gallo - who had come from Buffalo with pretty much the same goals and similar(...)

4 Non Blondes

Debut album Bigger, Better, Faster, More! showed off introspective folk, electric rock, hard-driving funk and saloon blues. Linda Perry Vocals, guitar Roger Rocha Guitar Christa Hillhouse Bass Dawn Richardson Drums

4 Skins, The

The undisputed heroes of the early 80s skinhead scene, The 4 Skins were one of the mainstays of the second-wave of British punk commonly known as Oi! They endured major line-up changes, going through four lead singers including, at one point, their manager, and recorded three albums in the early 80s. In the studio the band were capable of(...)

808 State

With their sample-driven dance music, the pioneering Manchester-based 808 State was one of the first house groups to release trance/ambient dance records. Formed in 1988 during the biggest youth movement since punk, they released two albums before signing with ZTT. Instead of being an incessant pounding, the beat in 808 State's music was hypnotic and(...)


999 formed in London in May 1977. Led by vocalist/guitarist Nick Cash (a onetime student at the Canterbury College of Art under the tutelage of Ian Dury and a former member of the pub-rock unit Kilburn and the High Roads) the band very quickly established themselves as a popular fixture on the London punk circuit, issuing their debut single I'm Alive on their(...)