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Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias

A lot of the humour from the Albertos’ was hit and miss, though they wrote good tunes – not the words, just the music. Not incredible, but good, although even their best – the admittedly hilarious Snuff Rock EP – was flawed.

Les Prior died on 31 January 1980 from leukaemia and the group called it a day shortly thereafter.

Tony Bowers joined Durutti Column and, later, Simply Red. Jimmy Hibbert worked as both a writer and a voice on children’s TV show, Count Duckula.

Chris (CP) Lee
Vocals, guitar
Les Prior
Simon White
Jimmy Hibbert
Vocals, bass
Bob Harding
Vocals, guitar, bass
Tony Bowers
Bass, guitar
Bruce Mitchell
Ray “Mighty Mongo” Hughes