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Angels, The

angels_2The Angels formed in 1961 when sisters Barbara (Bibs) and Phyllis (Jiggs) Allbut joined with lead singer Linda Jansen and recorded their first hit on Caprice Records,‘ Til.

This was followed by Cry Baby Cry in 1962 and the album And the Angels Sing.

Linda Jansen left after a year with Kerri Downs filling in at live shows for a short while. Then, Peggy Santiglia joined Bibs and Jiggs.

Bibs, Jiggs and Peg then recorded a version of My Boyfriend’s Back.

The Angels recorded two more albums – My Boyfriend’s Back and A Halo to You – and toured the US, Canada, and Europe doing concerts, clubs and television until Peggy left and was replaced by Toni Mason. Mason eventually left to go solo and was replaced by Debby Swisher.

When Debby departed in 1968, Bernadette Carroll toured with the group and sang lead on two Angels recordings for RCA. After just a year (in 1969), Bernadette left and Jiggs took a maternity leave. Bibs, Peggy and Toni Mason carried on, doing supper clubs and TV in Canada and touring in the US until Jiggs returned.

angels_012With a renewed interest in ‘oldies’ rock ‘n’ roll, The Angels found themselves with a newly revitalised career. They played Madison Square Garden and many other venues in huge package revival shows, as well as appearing on TV shows such as The Midnight Special.

Bibs ultimately decided to pursue other interests and was replaced by Lana Shaw who also departed in 1978. Peggy and Jiggs decided not to add another ‘third girl’ and instead enlisted their guitarist/conductor, Stan Sirico, as the third voice.

The group worked with this configuration until January 2008 when The Angels added Karalyn Hugo (one of Jiggs’ daughters).

Barbara ‘Bibs’ Allbut
Phyllis ‘Jiggs’ Allbut
Linda Jansen
Peggy Santiglia

Toni Mason

Debra Swisher
Bernadette Carroll
Lana Shaw