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Adam, Mike & Tim

Adam Sachs, Mike Sedgwick and Tim Saunders were encouraged by a friend to send a demo to Decca records who liked what they heard enough to offer the band the chance to record three singles. Their first release was 1964’s Little Baby, backed by You’re The Reason Why (one of the first songs written by future(...)

Adderley Smith Blues Band, The

Alongside Brisbane's Bay City Union and Sydney's The Foreday Riders, Melbourne's Adderley Smith Blues Band is recognised as one of the first authentic blues bands Australia ever produced. Blues enthusiasts Kerryn Tolhurst and Mark Dindas formed the band, taking their inspiration from the Chicago blues masters like Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Sonny Boy Williamson and Howlin' Wolf. The line-up shifted constantly. Broderick(...)

Adicts, The

The Adicts were a British punk quartet founded in Ipswich, Suffolk, in the late '70s by lead singer Monkey (Keith Warren), guitarist Pete Davison, bassist Mel Ellis, and drummer Kid Dee (Michael Davison). The group affected the look of the 'droogs' in the film A Clockwork Orange (1971), with Monkey sporting a black bowler hat and face makeup. Largely(...)

Adventures, The

Formed in 1984, The Adventures were a melodic six-piece group from Belfast. Founder member Terry Sharpe had previously been the lead vocalist and guitarist in the excellent punk/power pop band Starjets. They released their debut single, Another Silent Day (1984), on Chrysalis, and their self-titled debut album in 1985 (the album would be re-titled Theodore and Friends for the US(...)

Adverts, The

With their raw, enthusiastic immaturity, The Adverts were a bright but short-lived light of the punk era, and their bass player Gaye Advert (pictured) was one of the first female musicians of punk rock and became something of a pin-up in 1977. The band were formed in 1976 by Tim "TV" Smith and Gaye Advert(...)


Aerosmith was one of the most popular hard rock bands of the 1970s, setting the style and sound of American hard rock for the next two decades with their raunchy, bluesy swagger. The Boston-based quintet found the middle ground between the menace of The Rolling Stones and the campy flamboyance of The New York Dolls, developing a lean,(...)

Aesop’s Fables

Aesop’s Fables

Aesop's Fables formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1969. A polished harmony-pop band producing everything from jazz standards through to R&B, psychedelia, hard rock and bubblegum, Aesop's Fables never became a major force on the national scene, but some of their members went on to bigger and better things. The band were runners-up in the Hoadley's Battle(...)

Affair, The (The Gino Affair)

Sydney band The Affair were originally known as The Gino Affair, led by 16-year-old singer/child actor, Gino Cunnico. The name change came at the start of 1967 and Cunnico left mid-year to join The Executives. His place was taken in the band initially by Derek Fitton (ex-Derek's Accent), and then Kerrie Biddell. The Affair were(...)

Affections, The

The story of Australian power pop band The Affections began in Sydney in the mid 70's when school friends Rob Smith, Rob Risio and George Ellis discovered each other's passion for 60's pop and bubblegum and decided to form a band of their own. While still on the lookout for a drummer, the trio jammed and listened(...)

Afghan Whigs

Formed in 1987 in Cincinnati, these neomope rockers released their first album, Big Top Halloween, on their own Ultrasuede label in 1988. Their major label debut, Gentlemen (1993) was released on Elektra. Greg Dulli Vocals, guitar Rick McCollum Guitar John Curley Bass Steve Earle Drums

Age Of Chance

Age Of Chance were most notable for their cover of Prince's Kiss, but there was a plank-like quality to their version that served as an adequate summary of their approach. Titles like Shut Up and Listen! and Be Fast Be Clean Be Cheap were typical of a band high on spittle but with little real musical muscle. In 1987 they sounded(...)

Agent Orange

This trio from Fullerton in Orange County, California, specialised in the unlikely combination of punk and surf music. Led by vocalist/guitarist Mike Palm, the band lost its original bass player Steve Soto (he left to form The Adolescents), picked up James Levesque and released its debut album (Living In Darkness) in 1981 amid the California(...)

Agitation Free

Formed in 1967 as Agitation, this Berlin group was integral to the scene that also birthed Tangerine Dream. But unlike Tangerine Dream, they had to wait until 1972 to release their debut album (Malesch). Recording of the LP followed a tour of Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece and the striking cover shows five long-hairs lounging amid(...)

Air Supply

Formed in Australia around the partnership of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, soft-rockers Air Supply turned out a solid string of seven US Top 5 singles. The duo first came together in Sydney, Australia (originally with Chrissie Hammond, later of Cheetah) during 1976 while performing in a production of the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber(...)

Al Green

  If Otis Redding dominated 60s soul, Al Green bestrode the 70's thanks to a voice that glided and levitated, spiralling into a delicate falsetto just as you expected it to reach full force. Born in Forrest City, Arkansas (just across the Mississippi River from Memphis) in 1946, Green got into gospel music at an early age,(...)

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