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Butthole Surfers

Given they spent the last few decades plumbing new depths of musical blandness embracing the corporate dollar, it's hard to imagine drug-crazed Texans Butthole Surfers were ever an underground force to be reckoned with, even feared. But once Sonic Youth had deconstructed rock music on behalf of punk, the Buttholes merrily pissed on the rubble,(...)


Buzzcocks was formed in Manchester in 1975 by guitarist/singer Pete Shelley (real name Peter McNeish) and singer Howard Devoto (real name Howard Trafford). They shared common interests in electronic music, the idiosyncratic work of British musician Brian Eno and American proto-punk groups like The Stooges. In late 1975, Shelley and Devoto recruited a drummer and formed(...)

Byrds, The

In 1964, Jim (later Roger) McGuinn, David Crosby and Gene Clark began playing folk music in coffee houses around Los Angeles, calling themselves The Jet Set. They eventually got a rhythm section - drummer Michael Clarke and bassist Chris Hillman - and changed their name to The Byrds (after a brief spell as The Beefeaters)(...)

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