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Cabaret Voltaire

This experimental band formed in Sheffield in 1974 and played their debut gig at a student disco in May 1975. Named after a Dadaist group, Cabaret Voltaire was essentially vocalist and bassist Stephen Mallinder, guitarist Richard H Kirk and multi-instrumentalist Chris Watson. Early live performances were confrontational "events" rather than conventional musical performances, but in(...)


After the Jeff Beck Group splintered in 1969, the guitarist and Rod Stewart planned a supergroup with former Vanilla Fudge bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice. Plans were scuppered when a car crash incapacitated Beck, and Rod joined The Faces, leaving the rhythm section hooking up with former Amboy Dukes singer Rusty Day and(...)

Caleb Quaye

Caleb Quaye (he is the half-brother of Finley Quaye) was employed in the late 60s as resident guitar-prodigy-cum-teenage-studio-whizz-kid-producer for Beatles publisher Dick James' company, which subsequently became DJM. As a result, he helped shape recordings by a number of disparate talents including future Who sideman Billy Nicholls, psychedelic pop bands The Living Daylights and The Mirage, and former Bluesology pianist Reg(...)


The second version of Cam-Pact featuring Mark Barnes, Greg Cook, Trevor Courtney, Keith Glass and Chris Stockley was the most successful line-up. In late 1967, they were spotted by entrepreneurial doctor and would-be pop Svengali Geoffrey Edelsten, whose family owned the Edels record shop chain. He signed them to record a single and their debut(...)


Formed by former Shotgun Express keyboardist Pete Bardens, Camel occupied the musical middle ground between Emerson, Lake and Palmer and The Moody Blues, eminently capable of the vast symphonic statement but with a sharp eye for invention and delivery too. Camel's main thrust came with their adaptation of Paul Gallico's novel The Snow Goose (1975),(...)

Camper Van Beethoven

Their third album had no title because CVB considered their second album to be both their second and third albums (and titled it II and III). When the band broke up, Dave Lowery formed Cracker. David Lowery  Vocals, guitar Greg Lisher  Guitar Chris Pederson  Guitar Jonathan Segal  Violin Victor Krummenacher  Bass Chris Molla  Drums


Formed in Cologne in July 1968, Can surfed the first wave of German innovators, with their debut album Monster Movie referencing Pink Floyd and Hendrix in the context of a radically simplified rhythmic structure largely dictated by drummer Jaki Liebezeit's astonishing precision. Their wildly disparate backgrounds held the key: jazz, classical, pop and experimental music percolated in their daily 12-hour long(...)

Candi Staton

The songs that Candi Staton sang rang true because, sadly, she lived them. A gospel prodigy, she ran off with fellow gospel singer Lou Rawls, only for Rawls' mother to drag her back home. Then after an abusive marriage Staton was rescued by the Southern soul singer Clarence Carter, who took her to Rick Hall's(...)

Candymen, The

These guys are most well-known for being Roy Orbison's backing group during the mid 60's, but they did have a very good hit of their own, too. And some of the members later joined Atlanta Rhythm Section.

Canned Heat

Canned Heat started out as a Los Angeles blues band in 1965 and were one of the first white American blues bands to get across to a rock audience. The original line-up was Bob 'The Bear' Hite (vocals), Al 'The Owl' Wilson (guitar), Henry Vestine (lead guitar), Larry Taylor (bass) and Adolfo De La Parra(...)

Capitols, The

Captain and Tennille

Husband and wife duo Cathryn Antoinette ("Toni") Tennille and Daryl Dragon had both worked as session artists before forming a musical partnership, and marrying in February 1975. Dragon was the son of a classical conductor and film scorer and had worked with The Beach Boys - where he became known as "Captain Keyboards" - while Tennille(...)

Captain Beefheart

The multi-genre fusion experimentalist Captain Beefheart (born Don Van Vliet) was born on 15 January 1941 in suburban Glendale, California, where his father drove a baker's van. He was an only child, and his grandparents lived next door. His family indulged his artistic talents - he was sculpting from the age of four - and as a teenager,(...)

Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band

This group was something of an Australian institution - which started out playing to hippies and found itself playing for punks. In its various incarnations it was a jug band, The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, it was absorbed into a circus and then later reborn as The Matchbox Band. Mic Conway and his brother Jim formed the band in(...)


One of the seminal British 'head' bands of the 70s, Caravan hailed from the Kent cathedral town of Canterbury and would eventually clock up a 35-year career. Guitarist/singer Pye Hastings met drummer Richard Coughlan in the mid-60s and both played in aspiring pop group, Wilde Flowers. The band was something of a training camp for(...)

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