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Daddy Cool

The world has seen plenty of 1950s revival groups, but to think of Daddy Cool as simply another Sha Na Na is to miss part of the story. In 1970 in Australia, Ross Wilson began to look for a project to replace his earlier band, Party Machine. Wilson toyed with the idea of calling the new(...)

Dagoes, The

The Dagoes came together in Adelaide (South Australia) early in 1978, originally as Daryl Breakaway and The Niggers. They appeared on two independent cassette releases that same year, Live At The Marryatville and An Evening With The Dagoes. Both were recorded live. Building a considerable following around Adelaide (and billing themselves as The 'Legendary' Dagoes), the group recorded(...)

Dale Hawkins

As the most prolific white rocker on Checker Records, Dale Hawkins blazed a trail of blues-drenched Rock & Roll that was positively apocalyptic in its scope of originality and influence. First and foremost was his Suzie-Q (1956) with its funky cowbell-infused rhythm offset by a swampy, hypnotic guitar lick that exploded into not one but two violently(...)

Damned, The

The Damned formed in London in 1976. Former undertaker Dave Vanian (real name Dave Letts) met up with Rat Scabies (Chris Miller), Captain Sensible (Ray Burns) and Brian James (real name Brian Robertson) and the band were signed to the new Stiff label by Jake Riviera. The group released the classic track New Rose, produced by Stiff stablemate Nick Lowe and became(...)

Dandy Warhols, The

The Dandy Warhols formed in 1994 in Portland, Oregon. Gigs involving heavy drinking, fighting, and striptease by various band members (with Ms McCabe's most eagerly awaited) created a big buzz around their hometown. Local label Tim Kerr Records snapped them up for their debut single, Little Drummer Boy in 1994, followed by a debut album, Dandys Rule(...)

Danny & The Juniors

Danny and The Juniors (originally The Juvenairs) all attended John Bartram High School in Philadelphia and formed in 1955, practicing their harmonies in a car initially, before graduating to street corners when they became more confident. In 1957 the group began to target record producer John Madara, making it a ritual to sing under his(...)

Danny Diaz & Checkmates Ltd

Dantalians Chariot

Formed by arch extrovert Zoot Money out of the ashes of The Big Roll Band, Dantalian's Chariot (obscurely named after the god of music and movement from the 101 Spirits of Solomon) came together due to a combination of; a) Zoot's boredom at being promoted by EMI as "the white James Brown" b) the influence of his bosom(...)

Darling Buds, The

Although they generated reams of coverage in the late-80s weekly music press, Newport's Darling Buds never became the mainstream sensation that their jaunty guitar pop might have suggested. Even their biggest chart success, Hit The Ground, stalled outside the Top 20, the masses seemingly resistant to the media's notion of a British Blondie (the similar, female-fronted Primitives fared(...)

Darryl Way’s Wolf

A founding member of Curved Air, classically-trained violinist and keyboard wizard Darryl Way took flight in 1973 to form prog rock project, Wolf. Augmented by the likes of John Etheridge on guitar, Ian Mosley (ex-Walrus) on drums and American Dek Messecar on bass and vocals, Darryl Way's Wolf completed a trilogy of albums for Deram. Canis(...)


The faithful doo-wop recreations of Darts enamoured them to the college circuit long before they took up residency in the Top 10. The nine-piece group - comprising a front-line of four singers plus five backing musicians - were pure entertainment. Their first single, Daddy Cool (originally recorded by The Rays on the back of their 1957 hit Silhouettes), reached the(...)

Daryl Quist

Dave Berry

Born David Holgate Grundy in Beighton near Sheffield in 1941, Berry started out singing in Yorkshire clubs as half of an Everly Brothers-type duo. In 1961 he assumed his stage surname when invited to front The Cruisers, who had risen from the ashes of another local combo, The Chuck Fowler R 'n' B Band. In parochial venues(...)

Dave Clark Five, The

Originally a backing group for north London singer Stan Saxon, the Five originally comprised Dave Clark on drums and vocals, backed by various musicians, including bassist Chris Wells and guitarist Mick Ryan. After splitting from Saxon, the Five established their own identity. The evolving line-up eventually featured Mike Smith, Rick Huxley, Lenny Davidson and Denis(...)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Hailing from the same West Country region of England as The Troggs (the agricultural cathedral city of Salisbury, actually) this group started life as Dave Dee and The Bostons and went in search of the gold-paved streets of London, via the obligatory stint in Hamburg (a season at the Top Ten Club). Their stage act featured rock(...)

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