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Born Fabiano Forte in Philadelphia on 6 February 1943, he attended the same boys club as his neighbourhood friends Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell.  All three had budding ambitions to become famous singers. In 1957 Fabian was introduced to Bob Marcucci and Peter de Angelis, who headed Chancellor Records in Philadelphia and was signed to a(...)

Fabulous Poodles, The

Before joining The Fabulous Poodles, frontman Tony de Meur (he of the red-rimmed spectacles) worked as a solo folk/bluesman/comedian under the name of Daddy Stovepipe. Prior to that, he had unsuccessfully tried to make a living by playing with Engelbert Humperdinck's touring band and by working for the British Museum. Bobby Valentino had been splitting(...)

Fabulous Thunderbirds, The

The Fabulous Thunderbirds was formed by vocalist, harp-player Kim Wilson and guitarist Jimmy Vaughan (older brother of guitar-slinger Stevie Ray Vaughan). Wilson, a Detroit native raised in Southern California, had zigzagged across the American West and Midwest as a solo act for several years before meeting up with Dallas-born Vaughan in Austin, Texas, in 1974.(...)

Faces, The

At the start of 1970, one of Britain's most promising new acts was The Faces - formed by three ex-members of The Small Faces together with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood, previously from The Jeff Beck Group. When Rod hooked up with the remnants of The Small Faces in 1969 by hanging around their rehearsal rooms with similarly unemployed pal(...)

Factory Records

Factory was founded in 1978 with an esoteric roster of artists which included A Certain Ratio, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, X-O-Dus, The Distractions, Durutti Column, Crawling Chaos, Section 25, John Dowie, The Names, Crispy Ambulance, Tunnel Vision and The Stockholm Monsters. But one act towered above the rest . . . Joy Division won(...)

Factory, The

UK group The Factory recorded two effects-laden psychedelic singles in the late 1960s which combined psychedelia with pop harmonies. Originally named Souvenir Badge Factory, the Surrey-based group comprised three members including a sixteen-year-old drummer (Bill MacLeod) and seventeen-year-old guitarist (Ian Oates). Their first single, Path Through The Forest b/w Gone (MGM, 1968) was a mind-bending piece of psychedelia which had(...)

Fairground Attraction

Formed in Glasgow in 1986 by guitarist Mark Nevin and ex-Eurythmics backing singer Eddi Reader, Fairground Attraction reached #1 with folky debut single Perfect in 1988. But the sunny exterior masked cracks that even multi-platinum debut album The First Of A Million Kisses couldn't paper over. By 1990, tensions were so bad that Nevin quit the band during sessions for the(...)

Fairies, The

The group were formed in Colchester in Essex in 1963 as Dane Stephens and The Deep Beats, later evolving into The Fairies. They signed to Decca in 1964 releasing their first single, a cover of Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright and making newspaper headlines when members of the group were arrested for climbing up(...)

Fairport Convention

The reverberations from The Byrds' first two albums could be felt as far away as the Muswell Hill house where Simon Nicol and his teenage school chums convened to make their own music. Fresh from an apprenticeship with Elektra in New York, young producer Joe Boyd, then running the now-mythic UFO Club in London's Covent Garden,(...)

Faith No More

Formed as a post-punk outfit in 1982, Faith No More fired hard-drinking vocalist Chuck Mosley. His replacement was Mike Patton, a handsome 20-year-old from Eureka in Northern California, who possessed a multi-octave range and a twisted way with words. The new frontman proved inspirational as evidenced on Faith No More's third album, The Real Thing (1989). There(...)

Fall, The

1989. Manchester was in the ascendant, Indie bands were being collected like trinkets by major labels, and The Fall (formed by ex-dock clerk Mark Edward Smith in 1977) were the subject of an improbable bidding war. Ever unpredictable, Smith rewarded the courageous victors, Fontana, with what many would have least expected from him: three albums(...)

Falling Joys, The

Susie Higgie Vocals, guitar Stuart Robertson Bass, vocals Ken Drums


Family aren't remembered with the same misty-eyed nostalgia as other early 1970s road warriors like The Faces or Traffic - Roger Chapman's desperate yodel and the band's frequent oddness put some off. But they were a compelling live act circa 1971. The band rose from Leicester on the wave of 'underground' groups in Britain in 1967 - 1968 and(...)


Fanny was the first successful female hard rock group. Despite the ritual chauvinist growls of "Cor, fuckaduck, man, I could fuck that bass player," and "Not bad for a bunch of chicks," virtually everyone who saw them came away converted to the joys of Fanny and eager for another dip. Fanny played an attractive synthesis(...)

Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams

Douglas John Parkinson was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 October 1946. He began singing in the choir at his Sydney primary school and continued throughout high school. In 1965 he formed a group with friends called Strings and Things and in late 1966 accepted the position of vocalist with a band called(...)

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