Family aren’t remembered with the same misty-eyed nostalgia as other early 1970s road warriors like The Faces or Traffic – Roger Chapman’s desperate yodel and the band’s frequent oddness put some off. But they were a compelling live act circa 1971.


The band rose from Leicester on the wave of ‘underground’ groups in Britain in 1967 – 1968 and kept very much to the basic approach all through various personnel changes until eventually disbanding in 1973. In those six years, they released seven ideas-packed albums.

After their first two albums, Music In A Doll’s House and Family Entertainment, and the departure of original bassist Rick Grech (who defected to Blind Faith), Family settled down to working mainly in Britain.


Weavers Answer from their second album, was a hit single for the band a year after the album came out. Despite this – and singles success with In My Own Time and No Mules Fool, they never tailored their music to the singles market.

Their album’s Fearless, Anyway (half of which was recorded live) and Burlesque stand as a good legacy for the band.

Roger Chapman
John Whitney
Guitar, vocals
Rob Townshend
John Weider
Bass, violin
Jim King
Saxophone, flute
John ‘Poli’ Palmer
John Wetton
Bass, vocals
Jim Gregan
Tony Ashton
Ric Grech
Harry Ovenall