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Fields of The Nephilim


fieldsnephilim14Though there is room for everybody in life’s rich musical pageant, most people with ears drew the line at Fields of The Nephilim.

Their self-financed 1985 debut EP Burning The Fields begged the question . . . “why?”. And “how did they ever get off the ground?” . . . and “can you stop now, please!”

Carl McCoy’s ludicrous bowel-deep croon and dark mutterings carried all the menace of a pantomime villain in wooly pink tights.

Dressed in flour-coated cowboy outfits the band soon found their melancholy and occult-themed music swept up with the burgeoning Goth movement.

They did improve with time. But not much.

Carl McCoy
Tony Pettit
Paul Wright
Alexander “Nod” Wright
Peter Yates
Gary Whisker
John ‘Cappuccino’ Carter
Gizz Butt
Gav King
Lee Newell