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Fantastic Baggys, The

P.F. (Phil) Sloan and Steve Barri were the Baggys themselves – a name they used while providing backing vocals on some Jan & Dean albums. The Fantastic Baggys were epitomised in the song Summer Means Fun (1964) which although never released as a single, really embodied the spirit of the surf music era. The most remembered version(…)

Farinas, The

The Farinas were formed by rock guitarist Richard John Whitney while attending Leicester Art College in 1962. Playing rhythm and blues in local venues, the group featured Jim King on saxophone and vocals, Tim Kirchin on bass and drummer Harry Overnall before being signed to Fontana and releasing You Better Stop in 1964. The B-side(…)

Farm Aid

Farm Aid

In the 1980s American farmers were confronted by a crisis more severe than any since the Great Depression. Many who depended on agriculture for their livelihood faced financial ruin. Some broke under the strain of economic disaster. In Hills, Iowa a farmer killed his banker, his neighbour, his wife, and then himself. Near Ruthton, Minnesota(…)

Farm, The

Drummer Andy McVann died in a crash in December 1986. In October 1991, Keith Mullen was attacked and stabbed needing over 80 stitches. In the same year, the single All Together Now was used by the British Labour party in their General election campaign. Pete Hooten Vocals Steve Grimes Guitar John Melvin Guitar Philip Strongman Bass Andy(…)

Faron’s Flamingos

Faron’s Flamingos emerged from a band formed at the Liverpool Mercury Cycling Club (apparently in the winter months they preferred skiffle to cycling!). The group (The Hi-Hats) became Robin and The Ravens, with Robin wearing a yellow silk suit and the rest of the band resplendent in pink jackets . . . The Ravens were(…)

Fast Cars

Immediately after the demise of Fast Cars, bassist Fabian Byrne started new dance pop band Fiction Romance with Tracey Allen (keyboards), Prue Rheuben (vocals), Anthony Perrott (guitar) and Pete Bennett (drums). The new band built up a strong following via a solid circuit of pub gigs, but the departure of their drummer and two cases(…)

Fats Domino

Fats Domino

He was born Antoine Domino in New Orleans in February 1928, and since his first professional appearance at the age of 14 at the celebrated Hideaway Club in New Orleans in 1942, the work of Fats Domino has been characterised and dominated by his pounding piano style and his unique vocal technique, derived from the(…)


In the early seventies, Germany’s progressive music scene became known in Europe and the US as ‘Krautrock’, a faintly pejorative tag coined by the British press after Virgin and United Artists began to licence and sign German acts. The genre was established as a profitable trend, but rapidly became associated with acts sadly lacking the(…)


The nucleus of Sydney band Feather came together in early 1976 under the name Blackfeather, and lead singer Neale Johns had fronted various incarnations of Blackfeather since 1970. The 1976 Blackfeather line-up was more pop-oriented and featured Johns, Ray Vanderby (keyboards), Lee Brossman and Warwick Fraser, plus Warwick’s 14-year-old brother, Stuart. In November 1976, Johns(…)

Feelies, The

The Feelies arose in 1976 from the backwater of Haledon, New Jersey (hardly a bastion of cultural activity). Despite their popularity as a live band, they declined to play many shows, especially in New York City (their fan stronghold). Despite interest from American record companies, the Feelies fled to England for a record contract. After(…)


Felt leader Lawrence (no surname was ever listed in press releases, interviews or on their album covers) was once described by fellow eccentric Momus as “one part Andy Warhol, one part your retarded cousin Kev”. Since Felt formed in Birmingham in 1979, Lawrence and his classically-trained chief collaborator, guitarist Maurice Deebank, shaped the band’s musical aesthetic(…)

Ferrets, The

The Ferrets formed in Sydney (Australia) early in 1975 but relocated to Melbourne almost immediately. Billy Miller (vocals, guitar), Dave Springfield (guitar) and Firth (bass) had all previously worked together on the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar. The band came to the attention of Countdown compere Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, who was instrumental in getting them signed to(…)

Fiction Factory

Starting life in a different guise as ska outfit The Rude Boys, reconfigured Scottish sextet Fiction Factory tasted overnight success when their debut single, (Feels Like) Heaven, peaked at #6 in January 1984. Curiously, though, while the song’s melancholic appeal and singer Kevin Patterson’s chiselled good looks fitted the charts like a glove, follow-up single Ghost Of(…)

Fields of The Nephilim

Though there is room for everybody in life’s rich musical pageant, most people with ears drew the line at Fields of The Nephilim. Their self-financed 1985 debut EP Burning The Fields begged the question . . . “why?”. And “how did they ever get off the ground?” . . . and “can you stop now, please!” Carl(…)

Fifth Dimension, The

Three childhood friends, Billy Davis Junior, Ron Townson and Lamonte McLemore came together in the early 60s in Los Angeles as a singing group called The Versatiles. They were joined by former beauty contestant winners Marilyn McCoo and Florence LaRue. They recorded a demo tape and sent Lamonte to Detroit to meet with Berry Gordy(…)

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