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Finch (Contraband)

Finch (Contraband)

Finch bassist Tony Strain was still in 6th form at Christian Brothers College in Sutherland (Sydney) when the band (formed from the remains of a group called Stillwater) won the 1973 2SM/Pepsi Pop Poll for which the prize was $1000, 18-week scholarships at the Conservatorium of Music, performing engagements for 2SM concerts and the chance(…)

Fine Young Cannibals

Former members of Birmingham 2 Tone ska outfit The Beat, bassist David Steele and guitarist Andy Cox, formed this band in 1984 with newcomer singer Roland Gift completing the line-up. The name was taken from the film All The Fine Young Cannibals (1960) which starred Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. FYC had two chart-topping singles in the US(…)

Fireballs, The

They were acclaimed as pioneers of the surf sound alongside Dick Dale, Link Wray and The Ventures, but The Fireballs (from Raton, New Mexico) – who enjoyed a US chart-topper with Sugar Shack in 1963 – had no idea what the term actually meant. Nevertheless, their signature melodic instrumentals Torquay and Bulldog, anchored by George Tomsco’s guitar – replete with(…)

Firm, The

Former Free vocalist Paul Rodgers sang with Jimmy Page – making his first public appearance since the demise of Led Zeppelin – at the ARMS Charity Concerts in 1983, a series of concerts in support of Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis which were organised by Ronnie Lane (ex-bassist for The Small Faces and The(…)

Five Americans, The

Five Man Electrical Band

Previously known as The Staccatos, Ottawa’s Five Man Electrical Band modelled their sound on the melodic stylings of The Beach Boys and The Beatles, even going so far as recording an almost note-perfect cover of the latter’s You’re Gonna Lose That Girl. In their 1966 – 1968 prime, they churned out a superb string of melody-drenched(…)

Five Satins, The


Five Star

Made up of three sisters and two brothers of the Pearson family, Deniece, Doris, Lorraine, Stedman and Delroy, Five Star were managed by their father Buster who had worked with Wilson Pickett and Desmond Dekker before setting up his own record label, Tent Records. Early singles were moderately successful but it was the #3 hit System Addict in 1986 which established(…)

Five Willows, The

This group first recorded as The Five Willows (after originally starting out as The Dovers in 1950). Original members were Richie Davies, twin brothers Ralph and Joe Martin, John Steele and Bobby Robinson – who all came from Harlem. Lead vocalist Bobby Robinson left the group to set up his own record labels in 1952 and(…)

Fixations, The

Fixations, The

This mod revival band formed in North London in 1978. Paul Cathcart Vocals, guitar Paul Cattini Vocals, guitar Richard Sharp Bass Ken Gamby Drums

Fixx, The

                Adam WoodsDan K BrownCy CurninJamie West-OramRupert Greenall

Flairs, The

This Los Angeles group recorded a host of singles on US labels but only ever released one in the UK – Swing Pretty Mama b/w I’d Climb The Hills And Mountains. Released on Oriole, their sole UK single is now highly collectible and fetches upwards of £500. Glenn Larson Vocals Bruce Belland Vocals Don Clarke Vocals Ed Cobb(…)

Flamin’ Groovies, The

Beginning life as a flower-power band in San Francisco during the psychedelic rush of Haight-Ashbury, The Groovies came to define the true spirit of good time rock & roll and pop. The Flamin’ Groovies brought Anglophile flash and San Francisco stoner cool to the desolate early 70s music scene. They were a great garage band(…)

Flaming Hands

Led by singer Julie Mostyn and astute songwriter/guitarist Jeff Sullivan, the Flaming Hands were one of the great inner-city Sydney (Australia) bands of the early 80s. The band’s intense yet tuneful blend of 1960s soul, R&B and psychedelic pop attracted a loyal following. The band signed to the Phantom label and issued the delightful I Belong(…)

Flaming Lips, The

From their obscure acid punk beginnings in Oklahoma City in 1983, through to critical acclaim in the 90s and mainstream success in the new millennium, The Flaming Lips consistently defied definition. For more than two decades they brought an uncompromising originality to the pop arena. The band spent the 80s and 90s striving to find(…)

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