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Flamingos, The

Cousins Jacob ‘Jake’ Carey and Ezekial ‘Zeke’ Carey formed this doo-wop group in Chicago, Illinois, after meeting Paul Wilson and Johnny Carter at a black Messianic Jewish synagogue. Earl Lewis soon joined them, and after a series of name changes, (The Swallows, El Flamingos, The Five Flamingos), wound up being known as The Flamingos. Sollie(…)

Fleetwood Mac

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (as the band were originally known) debuted in 1967 at the Windsor Jazz festival to a tumultuous reception with Green on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Spencer on vocals, guitar and piano, Mick Fleetwood on drums and Bob Brunning on bass. Green (real name Greenbaum) had earlier replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers when Eric(…)

Fleetwoods, The

When childhood friends Barbara Ellis and Gretchen Christopher joined forces with Gary Troxel in Washington, the group Two Girls and A Guy was born. After performing Come Softly To Me at school events,  they were persuaded to record it. After they changed their name to The Fleetwoods, the track became their debut release on the newly-formed Dolphin label,(…)

Flesh For Lulu

Formed in Brixton, London, in 1982, Flesh For Lulu brought a warmer rock sound to Goth. No doomy vocals or icy guitar sound – instead they covered The Rolling Stones‘ Jigsaw Puzzle, got black backing singers to give Restless some soul, and wrote one of the all-time Goth anthems, Subterraneans. The band disbanded in 1989. Nick Marsh reformed(…)

Fleshtones, The

The Fleshtones formed in 1975 when Jan Marek Pakulski, fresh from a job on a Maine chicken farm, moved in with his friend Keith Streng, who was living in Queens, New York. Pakulski discovered a cheap bass in the house and began to pluck it. Drummer Streng switched to an equally inexpensive guitar, and his(…)

Fleur De Lys, Les

Southampton’s Fleur De Lys were a 1960s Mod squad who made all the right moves – signing with Andrew Loog Oldham‘s Immediate label, working with Jimmy Page, Donnie Elbert and South African soul legend Sharon Tandy – but never reaped the rewards. After signing to Immediate in 1965 they recorded a beat version of Buddy Holly‘s Moondreams and(…)

Flies, The

Flies, The

Not to be confused with Ronnie Burns’ Melbourne band of the 1960s, these Flies formed in Sydney in 1984 and shone brightly for a while with superb bright and quirky pop. They issued a stand-out 4-track EP (Turtle Monster) in October 1985 (which featured a terrific version of the Dr Who theme) and a worthy(…)

Flies, The

The Flies was the first Aussie band to consciously ape The Beatles. The band supported The Rolling Stones on their first Australian tour and released a number of singles; Tell Her That (July 1964), Doin’ The Mod (July 1965) and Can’t You Feel (September 1965). Vocalist Ronnie Burns left The Flies in August 1965 to go solo and spent the rest of(…)


Derek Pascoe Vocals, saxophone John Summerton Guitar, vocals Bill Rice Keyboards Jamie Stone Bass, vocals Mike Holoway Drums

Flirtations, The

Girl group The Gypsies migrated from the USA to England in 1967, changed their name to The Flirtations and got most things right: a stream of fine singles, ample airplay, primetime TV appearances, and hits in mainland Europe. The one thing they couldn’t manage was a UK chart hit – but it wasn’t for lack(…)

Floaters, The

The end of the long hot summer of 1977. The Sex Pistols had dampened Jubilee festivities with God Save The Queen . Elvis Presley had finally shuffled off his mortal, overweight, coil. All doom, gloom and safety pins for a nation of insatiable sex-starved schmucks who desperately needed some good lovin’. Enter a hitherto unknown US vocal group, The Floaters. Messrs(…)

Flock Of Seagulls

This new wave electro-pop act from Liverpool, England, had remarkable success in the USA before finding a large following in Britain. Originally called Tontrix the band comprised Mike Score (keyboards, vocals), Ali Score (drum machine, vocals), Paul Reynolds (guitar) and Frank Maudsley (bass). Following an adventurous EP on Bill Nelson’s Cocteau label, the band made their album debut(…)

Flotsam Jetsam

Flower Pot Men, The

Songwriting team John Carter and Ken Lewis (ex-The Ivy League) formed The Flower Pot Men as a studio project in 1967 and magnificently exploited the current flower power boom with the single Let’s Go To San Francisco (a UK Top 5 hit) with the aid of session vocalists Tony Burrows and Rob Shaw, and pals Mickey Keen(…)


Flowers was formed in Sydney (Australia) in 1977 by classically trained musician Iva Davies and bass player Keith Welsh.They were joined in 1978 by Michael Hoste on keyboards and drummer Don Brown. The band built up a strong following as a live act around the pub circuit, providing distinctive cover versions of songs by Roxy Music, David(…)

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