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Flux of Pink Indians

Flying Burrito Brothers, The

The ‘band with a thousand line-ups’ was formed by two ex-Byrds (Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons) along with pedal steel guitarist “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow, bassist Chris Ethridge and various drummers. In 1969 they released the album The Gilded Palace Of Sin which took country rock even further than The Byrds with Sin City and The Dark End Of The Street, as(…)

Flying Lizards, The

Kent-based Irish exile David Cunningham specialised in conceptual excavations of pop hits. His Flying Lizards group was a loose collective of avant-garde and free improvising musicians (such as David Toop and Steve Beresford) with Deborah Evans, Patti Palladin and Vivien Goldman as main vocalists. The one that really sold – both in the UK and(…)


Focus began as a trio formed by Thijs van Leer, a singer, flautist and keyboard player who had studied classical music at the Dutch Conservatorium. His partners in Focus were bassist Martijn Dresden and drummer Hans Cleuver. Prior to taking on the name Focus, the group worked as a support band in one of the myriad(…)


Formed in London in late 1970 by former Savoy Brown members ‘Lonesome’ Dave Peverett, Tone Stevens and Roger Earl, who almost immediately brought in guitarist Rod Price. In 1972 Foghat issued their eponymous debut album for Bearsville, a record that included a Willie Dixon cover, I Just Want To Make Love To You. They fused hard boogie rock with rootsy(…)

Fontella Bass

Foo Fighters

Kurt Cobain’s suicide in 1994 left the rock world in shock. To his eternal credit, Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl pulled himself together smartly to create a platform for his own considerable talents: Foo Fighters – named after the US military’s nickname for fighter planes dispatched to investigate UFO sightings. Their eponymous debut album (1995) was(…)


Born and raised in England, Mick Jones began his musical career as the “24th guitar player” in Nero and the Gladiators. He wrote songs and played sessions for French pop idol Johnny Hallyday and recorded with such artists as George Harrison and Peter Frampton. Jones formed Wonderwheel with Gary Wright and they eventually reformed Spooky Tooth. In 1974, he(…)

Fortunes, The

The Fortunes began life as a Birmingham-Welsh vocal trio fronting The Cliftones – whose repertoire was based around easy-listening songs (including Maria from West Side Story). With the coming of the Beat Boom the singers, Rodney Allen, Glen Dale and Barry Pritchard – now sporting electric guitars and bass – began auditioning for an organist (David Carr) and(…)


Formed in 1970 around Sandy Denny and future husband Trevor Lucas, Fotheringay barely lasted a year. The band set to work, rehearsing in Sandy’s Fulham flat in a sound-proofed room. When they finally hit the road, they deliberately set out to play concerts only, rather than small clubs with bad acoustics. The decision was not born of(…)

Foundations, The

Often cited, alongside The Equals and Blue Mink, as British melting-pot pop, The Foundations consisted of three white Londoners, a Barbadian, a Jamaican, a Dominican and a Ceylonese. Their first hit, Baby Now That I’ve Found You, established the group in 1968. An unpretentious beat ‘n’ bubblegum group, they eschewed flower power stereotypes by sticking to(…)

Four Aces, The

Four Freshmen, The

Formed in 1948, the close-knit harmonies of The Four Freshmen were a hugely popular draw over the next decade and a half. Founder member Bob Flanigan’s high tenor was a defining characteristic on hits like Mood Indigo and Day by Day, with the group’s lush spread of jazz, pop and barbershop styles proving a key influence on (among(…)

Four Lads, The

Four Palms, The

This vocal group met while in the Marine Corps and stationed at Camp Pendleton, Twentynine Palms, California (in the heart of the Mojave Desert). After winning the Worldwide All-Navy Talent Contest in May 1957, the group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and recorded their classic single, Jeanie, Joanie, Shirley, Toni (1958) – which changes hands for over £600(…)

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