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Galaxie 500

Given that New York/Bostonian three-piece Galaxie 500 set out in 1987 with ambitions that didn't stretch beyond releasing a single, their debut album, Today (1988), was critically lauded as "astonishing". Yet it took another two albums before members Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang decided to abandon their graduate studies and join Dean Wareham as full-time purveyors of(...)

Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reign

Best known for her 1963 hit We'll Sing In The Sunshine and a film and TV career including movies such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding , Gale Garnett's time fronting The Gentle Reign remains the most eccentric entry in her résumé. In 1968 Garnett left her folk roots behind, embarking on a whole new direction and recruiting The(...)

Game Theory

Based in Sacramento, California, USA, Game Theory made its recording debut in 1982. Although loosely associated with the 'paisley underground' movement the band's progress was determined by their guitarist's infatuation with classic American pop and melody, rather than temporary fashion. The group survived several personnel changes - including Miller's own temporary defection - without losing(...)

Gang of Four

Forged in the crucible of late 70s Leeds student politics, marked by a determination to think beyond the badly-played heavy metal that passed for much of punk, and owning a Funkadelic album or two, Gang Of Four were among the first punk-funkers. Capable of starting an argument in an empty room, Gang Of Four sought(...)


Australian band GANGgajang formed in 1984 after Graham 'Buzz' Bidstrup and Mark Callaghan fell into a songwriting partnership during work on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's highly successful series Sweet and Sour, for which Bidstrup was associate musical director. Most of the band members had considerable experience in other bands. Bidstrup was with The Angels from(...)


One day producers Butch Vig, Steve Marker and Duke Erikson were in a studio remixing a track for Nine Inch Nails when a visiting friend commented that what they were recording sounded like "garbage". The trashy sound they were producing became the basis for their new project and was christened after their friend's remark. Scottish(...)

Gary “U.S.” Bonds

In 1961, in the unlikely town of Norfolk, Virginia, Gary Anderson recorded some of the wildest, most bizarre party records in the history of rock & roll: New Orleans, School Is Out, School Is In, Dear Lady Twist, Twist, Twist Señora, Seven Day Weekend and Quarter To Three. Most of the records sounded like they were(...)

Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter

Paul Gadd was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on 8 May 1944. He changed his name to Paul Raven and recorded several singles during the 1960's - when he was a regular at the 2i's and the Safari Club in Swinging London - but without much success. Deterred, he took up the job of a warm-up man(...)

Gary Lewis & The Playboys

Gary Lewis had a great background for a showbiz career: He was the son of noted comedian and actor Jerry Lewis. His musical career began when he received a set of drums for his 14th birthday. Within four years, he had formed his own group, The Playboys, and landed a residency at Disneyland. While playing(...)

Gary Numan

Gary Numan (real name Gary Anthony James Webb) joined The Lasers as a guitarist and rapidly took over the helm of the punk band, who, with a name change to Tubeway Army, signed to Beggar's Banquet in 1978. Numan became a synth-pop pioneer almost by accident. Making the first Tubeway Army album in Spaceward Studio(...)

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Gary Puckett was born in Hibbing, Minnesota, on 17 October 1942. He began playing guitar in his teens, and graduated from Twin Falls High School before attending college in San Diego, California. There, he quit college and formed The Outcasts. The group enjoyed popularity on the local club circuit, before renaming themselves The Union Gap(...)

Gary Usher

Genuine escapist joy rarely sounded purer than on the teenage surf-and-hotrod pop pouring out of the Hollywood Hills in the early 1960s, where kids' greatest worries revolved around waxing down the surfboards. Gary Usher was a prolific producer, writer, singer and behind-the-scenes architect of the West Coast Sound. He melded Chuck Berry rhythms, street corner(...)

Gaye Bykers On Acid

Gaye Bykers On Acid combined traditional biker attire with elements of psychedelia and hippie camp. Male vocalist Mary was often seen in platform shoes and dresses, which fuelled the critics' confusion regarding the band name and gender orientation. After leaving Virgin they set up their own label, Naked Brain, quite conceivably because nobody else would(...)


In 1980, four Brummie drinking buddies got together and formed a band inspired by the mid-70's punk acts. Initially called Charged GBH, somehow this rowdy mob of leather-clad former milkmen, jewellers, warehouse men and clerical officers secured a residency at a local pub called the Crown, building up a local following. They were signed up to Stoke-based(...)


Formed in 1974, Geeza were a powerful four-piece rock group from the western suburbs of Sydney (Australia). The group originally performed as The Geeza Rock 'n' Roll Show, presenting a stage show with all manner of props and pyrotechnics. Dispensing with the theatrics (and some of the original line-up) they gathered a huge following over three years(...)

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