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Glitter Band, The

The Glitter Band (originally – though briefly – called The Glittermen) were formed by producer Mike Leander in 1972 as backing and session musicians for Gary Glitter.

Several of the band had played with Glitter in The Boston Showband (also known as The Bostons) during the 1960s when he was still known as Paul Raven.


The band provided the backing music for Gary’s chartbusters and the unique, powerful, and gutsy big beat for his concerts around the world, and eventually began recording Top 20 singles of their own, including Angel Face (March 1974), Let’s Get Together Again (October 1974), Goodbye My Love (January 1975), The Tears I Cried (April 1975) and People Like You (February 1976).

Unfortunately, in their efforts to avoid the shadow of Gary Glitter the band hopped around stylistically too much to establish an identity.

John Rossall left the group in 1975, and as the glitter faded the band became The G Band for a while and moved from Bell to CBS records. But although the band continued recording into the 80s, their star had fallen by the end of 1976.


Eventually, there were two versions of The Glitter Band touring: The official version featuring Pete Phipps and John Springate, and a version featuring John Rossall and Harvey Ellison.

There have been a number of legal wranglings between the two camps over Rossall’s continued use of the trademark ‘The Glitter Band’.

Sadly Gerry Shephard passed away on 6 May 2003.

Gerry Shephard
Guitar, vocals
John Springate
Bass, vocals
John Rossall
Sax, Trombone
Pete Phipps 
Keyboards, drums
Harvey Ellison
Pete Gill
Tony Leonard (Anthony Woolnough)
Ray Mosley