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Hollywood Brats

Like a less-famous British cousin of The New York Dolls, the Hollywood Brats also had a penchant for feather boas, glitter and tough rock & roll played with rough-and-tumble abandon. Although they only recorded one album which wasn’t released until after they had broken up, the band is now recognised as one of the pioneers(…)

Holy Modal Rounders

Among the eccentrics who inhabited Greenwich Village (New York) in the early 1960s, The Holy Modal Rounders were as weird as fish – as illustrated by their very name, which was selected from a shortlist which included The Total Quintessence Stomach Pumpers, The Temporal Worth High Steppers and The Motherfucker Creek Babyrapers. Pete Stampfel and Steve(…)

Homosexuals, The

Active for only the briefest time between 1978 and 1981, like fellow South Londoners Alternative TV and This Heat, The Homosexuals used their mayfly-compatible lifespan to carve themselves a unique and often overlooked niche in the annals of punk history. From the spiky treble-tastic bounce of My Night Out and the Voidoids-in-dub of Vociferous Slam, via the skewed skank of Soft(…)

Hondells, The

The 1964 single Little Honda was written by Mike Love and Brian Wilson who decided not to release a version they had recorded with The Beach Boys as a single although it did appear on the album, All Summer Long. The Hondells were a studio group formed to make this record comprising of drummer Hal Blaine,(…)


Honeybus are principally remembered for their 1968 hit I Can’t Let Maggie Go, but much of their best work was made shortly after that breakthrough, when lead singer and songwriter Pete Dello unexpectedly jumped ship as he didn’t want to tour anymore. It was sink-or-swim time for the rest of the band, and guitarist Colin Hare(…)

Honeycombs, The

One of the first rock groups to have a female drummer, The Honeycombs were formed in London in 1963 as The Sheratons by hairdressers Martin Murray and Ann Lantree. They started their career at the Mild May Tavern in one of London’s busiest thoroughfares, playing three nights a week and packing in the customers every time(…)

Honeys, The

This surf music girl-group trio included Brian Wilson’s wife-to-be Marilyn, her sister Diane Rovell, and their cousin Ginger Blake. None of their three 1963 released singles charted – neither did their version of the Patience and Prudence hit Tonight You Belong To Me, released six years later. In 1973, Marilyn and Diane (without Ginger) called themselves(…)

Hoodoo Gurus

I think I first saw Le Hoodoo Guru’s at some shitty little inner-city pub in Surry Hills, an inner-city suburb of Sydney in 1982. There were probably just over a hundred people crushed into an area the size of a normal living-room, condensation dripping off the walls and ceiling, and a combined smell of sweat,(…)


With Phil Lynott and Rory Gallagher seeking their fortune in London, Horslips were the beginning and end of 1970s Irish rock. Indeed, they were virtually the only home-grown influence on U2. Blending punk sensibility with a genuine love and understanding of folklore and tradition, their classic 1970s albums Happy To Meet Sorry To Part (1972), The(…)

Hot Chocolate

This highly commercial UK pop act was formed in Brixton, London, by percussionist Patrick Olive, guitarist Franklyn De Allie and drummer Ian King. Jamaican-born songwriter/vocalist Errol Brown and bass player Tony Wilson (from Trinidad and Tobago) and pianist Larry Ferguson (from Nassau in the Bahamas) joined later in 1969. Following the departure of De Allie(…)

Hot Tuna

Jefferson Airplane‘s ferocious guitar/bass pairing Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady formed Hot Tuna as a sideline in 1969 to siphon off their musical excesses. They originally named the band Hot Shit (in reference to dope not excrement) but thought better when their record company (RCA) decided to issue an eponymous album in 1970. By this(…)

Hothouse Flowers

Throughout the 80s, the members of the Irish band Hothouse Flowers made their living busking on the streets of Dublin (Liam O’Maonlai and Fiachna O’Braonain performed on the streets as The Incomparable Benzini Brothers). But an appearance on Irish television in 1986 changed their fortunes: one of the people watching the broadcast was U2 vocalist Bono,(…)

House Of Love, The

The House Of Love were a strange union between thirtysomething Guy Chadwick – a seen-it-all songwriter who’d already spent a decade in failed groups – and the youthful vigour of his accomplices, particularly guitarist Terry Bickers. For a while – at the back end of the 80s – House Of Love seemed the men most likely(…)

Housemartins, The

Original drummer Hugh Whitaker was imprisoned in 1993 for arson and wounding with intent. Paul Heaton VocalsStan CullimoreGuitar, vocals Norman CookBass, vocals Hugh WhitakerDrums, vocals

Howard Jones

High Wycombe School music teacher and part-time rock band member (he was briefly in a Canadian prog rock band called Warrior) Howard Jones paid for his first synth with money he received as compensation for a road accident. The synthesizer allowed him to play solo gigs in pubs and clubs around south-east England, where he teamed up(…)

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