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Howlin’ Wolf

Chester Arthur Burnett was born in Mississippi on 10 June 1910 and began singing the blues while working on a plantation, after being thrown out by his mother at the age of 13. After his Army discharge in 1945, Burnett located himself in West Memphis where an early meeting with Charley Patton and harmonica tuition(…)

Huey Lewis & The News

It makes sense that San Francisco sextet Huey Lewis & The News were one of the most popular American bands of the 80’s. Huey (real name Hugh Anthony Cregg III) was good looking in a dumb guy-next-door way, a rock & roll Dobie Gillis, and his band could appear to play hard even if they neglected(…)

Hullaballoos, The

The Hullaballoos formed in Hull (hence their name) in August 1964 after working for several years under the name of Ricky Knight and The Crusaders. The group’s look (featuring long dyed blonde hair) and music were put together for US consumption by Luigi Creatore and Hugo Peretti of Roulette Records to take advantage of the(…)

Human League

A lead singer with pierced nipples and half a head of hair, and two bits of Sheffield totty, discovered dancing in a disco. The band was initially formed as a synthesizer duo called The Dead Daughters in 1977 by computer operators and synthesizer players Martyn Ware and Ian Craig-Marsh . A few months later Phil(…)

Humble Pie

Hard-rock combo Humble Pie formed in London in 1969 when Peter Frampton left The Herd and Steve Marriott quit The Small Faces. Having met in Paris while doing session work, the pair recruited bassist Greg Ridley from Spooky Tooth and the relatively unknown drummer, Jerry Shirley. Following rehearsals at Marriott’s country cottage (the sound of the streets, eh?) the band(…)

Hummingbirds, The

Formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1986, The Hummingbirds comprised singer/guitarist (and principal songwriter) Simon Holmes, singer/guitarist Alannah Russack, singer/bassist Robyn St Clare and drummer Mark Temple. Their debut LP, LoveBUZZ (1990), was produced by Let’s Active founder Mitch Easter, and featured a bumper crop of 14 melodic, hummable and deliciously abrasive original songs, most of them about soured friendships(…)

Hunters and Collectors

Hunters and Collectors formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1981, fronted by singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Seymour. Other mainstays of the band were John Archer on bass, Doug Falconer on drums, Jack Howard on trumpet and keyboards, Jeremy Smith on French horn, guitars and keyboards, and Michael Waters on trombone and keyboards. Barry Palmer joined on lead guitar in(…)



One of the defining moments of Australia’s 1970s pop legacy was undoubtedly Hush performing Bony Moronie on Countdown. This updated version of the old Larry Williams rocker was a #1 for Hush in September 1975. It was the perfect vehicle for the band’s flashy hi-jinks. English-born lead singer Keith Lamb would wiggle his butt in his satin flares,(…)

Hüsker Dü

Hüsker Dü formed in Minneapolis (USA) in 1979 with the avowed purpose to be the loudest, tightest, fastest band in the world. Following a series of successful albums, including Zen Arcade (1984) and New Day Rising (1985), the band signed to Warner Bros Records in 1986, becoming one of the first American underground rock bands to sign with a major(…)

Huxton Creepers

Huxton Creepers took their name from a character in an obscure Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes film called Pearl Of Death (1944). The band actually got the name wrong though, as the character was called the Hoxton Creeper – Hoxton being a suburb of London. Their debut album, 12 Days To Paris (June 1986), was produced by Los Lobos member Steve Berlin.(…)

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