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Ink Spots, The

The Ink Spots were the inspiration for many black vocal groups of the 1950s – for The Ink Spots were black but had hits in the white charts. They sang in close harmony with a light backing behind their clear, easy vocals. Their last British hit was Melody Of Love in 1955. Orville “Hoppy” Jones Vocals, cello(…)

Inmates, The

British R&B-band formed in London in 1979 by Peter Staines (guitar, vocals), Bill Hurley (vocals), Tony Oliver (guitar), Jim Russell (drums) and Ben Donelly (bass). The Inmates were part of the British pub rock scene and their influences included The Animals, The Pretty Things and – not surprisingly – Dr Feelgood. The breakthrough for the group was an old Standells punk classic, Dirty Water,(…)

Innocents, The

When Tasmanian group Beathoven, relocated to Melbourne in 1977 they were “discovered” by American rock svengali Kim Fowley, who was so impressed with the group that he produced some tracks and made them change their name to The Innocents. Moving to Sydney in 1980 they recorded the superbly infectious single Sooner Or Later (produced by popmeister Jim Manzie,(…)

Inspiral Carpets

Formed initially as The Furs in Manchester, England, by schoolboy Graham Lambert. He was joined in the mid-80s by Stephen Holt, Tony Welsh and Chris Goodwin. In 1986, now called The Inspiral Carpets, they replaced Goodwin and Welsh with Craig Gill, Dave Swift and Clint Boon. Early in 1987 they recorded a version of Garage for a(…)

Introverts, The

Originally formed from the ashes of an outfit called The Fine Tuners – around a line-up of Greg Noyes (vocals), Chris Vaughan (guitar), Trevor Conomy (bass) and Kris Svendsen (drums) – The Introverts held a Tuesday night residency at Sydney’s iconic Sussex Hotel for much of 1980 but fell apart due to internal dissent and(…)


Tim, Andy and Jon Farriss formed The Farriss Brothers with school friends Michael Hutchence, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Beers in Australia in 1977. A year later they renamed themselves INXS. The band moved to Perth, Western Australia to develop their own distinctive rock sound, which incorporated both black dance music and white soul influences. INXS(…)

Irma Thomas

Born in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Irma Thomas had been married twice and had four children by the age of nineteen. Bandleader, Tommy Ridgley discovered her when she was working as a waitress in a bar and helped her achieve her first record contract in 1959. Nicknamed ‘The Soul Queen Of New Orleans’, she later moved to(…)

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly formed in San Diego, California, in 1966 but soon moved to Los Angeles where they were spotted at the Whiskey A-Go-Go and signed to Atlantic‘s subsidiary label, Atco. The band blended hard rock with ornate, acid-friendly textures. Early in 1968 they issued the Heavy album which bulldozed its way into the lower regions of the US(…)

Iron Maiden

In the East End of London, Steve “Arry” Harris and Dave Murray joined forces in 1976 with Paul Di’anno (real name, Paul Andrews) and Doug Sampson to form Iron Maiden, a band determined to keep hard rock going in the face of advancing punk and New Wave. Ironically, in years to come Iron Maiden would be hailed as(…)

Iron Virgin

Described by Disc as “a bunch of musical yobs with a mildly camp image”, these five Edinburgh bruisers signed to Decca in 1973 and unleashed their piss-off-yer-grandad belter Rebels Rule in 1974. Despite the efforts of the label publicity department to get them noticed – guitarist Gordon Nicol remembers, “they were going to supply us with budgies, and they(…)

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes lived a remarkable life. One that took him from poverty and orphanhood in 1940s Tennessee, to success in the 1960s as a soul songwriter for Stax in Memphis, to millionaire wealth and global fame as composer of the Oscar-winning Shaft score, and then to bankruptcy and ultimately to prison (in 1989 for non-payment of alimony and child(…)

Isle of Wight Festival (1970)

A small island separated from the UK mainland by the waters of the Solent, the Isle of Wight at the end of the 1960s was a steadfastly uncontroversial place. The island’s population welcomed tourists and other “outsiders”. In 1968, the island needed an indoor swimming pool and, to help finance it, a festival was mounted(…)

Isley Brothers, The

The Isley Brothers were born in Cincinnati, Ohio – O’Kelly on 25 December 1937,  Rudolph on 1 April 1939 and Ronald on 21 May 1941 – and started singing together at an early age. They were discovered in 1959 singing at the Howard Theater in Washington DC and signed to RCA Victor. Shout (which they wrote themselves)(…)

It’s Immaterial

  John Campbell Vocals

Ivy League, The

Three session singers – John Carter, Ken Lewis and Perry Ford – got together as The Ivy League. Carter and Lewis had already enjoyed a modicum of success as Carter-Lewis & The Southerners, and Ford was a seasoned session man. Their credentials were sufficient to secure a record deal with Pye subsidiary Piccadilly but their(…)

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