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Kajagoogoo began life as a prog rock band called Art Nouveau - and then they met singer Chris Hamill who rearranged the letters of his surname and became Limahl. Given an unseemly leg-up by the attentions of their producer (Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran) and then Radio 1 DJ Paul Gambaccini, Kajagoogoo's debut single, Too Shy, sneaked to #1(...)


Kaleidoscope - the American one, featuring David Lindley - purveyed a truly idiosyncratic mix of jug band stompers, psych pop, blues, bluegrass and neo-Egyptian instrumentals. Much favoured by fans like Jimmy Page (who loved the guitar interplay and sonic ambition), their four albums for Epic from 1967 to 1970 were unbalanced but intriguing objects. Like a mind-boggling(...)

Kaleidoscope (UK)

Kaleidoscope were formed in Acton in 1963 as The Sidekicks but changed their name to The Key in 1965 when they were joined by their new lead singer, Peter Daltrey. At the beginning of 1967 they signed to Fontana releasing their first single Flight From Ashiya in a full picture sleeve to rave reviews and(...)


Steve Walsh Vocals, keyboards Kerry Livgren Guitar, keyboards, vocals Robby Steinhardt Violin, vocals Rich Williams Guitar, vocals Dave Hope Bass, vocals Phil Ehart Drums, vocals John Elefante Vocals, keyboards Steve Morse Guitar Billy Greer Bass

Kate Bush

EMI signed Kate Bush in 1974 when she was still a 16 year old schoolgirl. She was given the deal on the strength of demo tapes sponsored by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, but the record company decided to let her highly personal style - words, music, dance, mime, squeaky voice - develop in its own(...)

Kathy Kirby

Hailing from Ilford, Essex, Kathy Kirby sang her way into the charts with discs like Dance On and Secret Love, then went on to lucrative cabaret and stage appearances and her own TV series, which netted her £18,000. Often compared to Marilyn Monroe, Kathy was only sixteen when she first sang in an Ilford dance hall with the(...)

Katrina And The Waves

Katrina And The Waves

Formed in Cambridge (UK) in 1981 - although there was actually a prototype of the Waves back in 1975 - Katrina and the Waves were headed up by Kansas-born Katrina Leskanich. Greying drummer Alex Cooper was an upper-class Britisher who could just as easily have been "working for the City of London and making a quarter(...)

KC And The Sunshine Band

KC and the Sunshine Band comprised, in the main, session musicians from the TK Studios which were owned by Henry Stone (who had run a record distribution company in the United States for 20 years). Harry Casey ("KC") started out singing in church and in various little local talent shows around Miami. Smith and Johnson(...)

Keef Hartley Band, The

Lancashire drummer Keef Hartley, well known for his flamboyant dress-sense (he often dressed as an American Indian - sometimes in full headdress and war paint) replaced Ringo Starr in Rory Storm and The Hurricanes when Ringo moved on to pastures greener. Hartley also eventually found new pastures with The Artwoods and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. Beginning with debut album, Halfbreed (1969), Hartley went on to record seven acclaimed works(...)


At the height of his career, Philadelphia-born singer Keith (no surname) was making $15,000 a week and getting back-slapped by a Beatle who told him what a great record Keith's 1967 Top Ten hit 98.6 was. The nadir came just two years later when US Army officials nabbed him for draft evasion in the middle of a(...)

Keith Christmas

Keith Christmas is more remembered for his name than for his work. He started out as a basic guitar-wielding singer/songwriter and gravitated into a lyrical kind of folk rock. By the time of his third album, Pygmy (1971), he was fronting elaborate Robert Kirby arrangements complete with a choir and the baroque keyboard adornment of Rod Argent . His high(...)

Kelpies, The

The Kelpies formed in Sydney (Australia) in March 1981 with a line-up of James Gelding (vocals), Mark Easton (guitar), Brian Conolly (guitar), Con Murphy (bass) and Ashley Thomson(drums). Con and Mark had previously played in Sydney punk band Suicide Squad. Mark Easton had also previously played with the delicately named Vic Vomit and the Varicose(...)

Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd, OBE, Britain's King of Comedy, was also a major recording artist in the 1960s with hits like Tears (one of the biggest selling UK singles of all time), Love is Like a Violin and many other slushy sentimental songs, much loved by mums and grandmas. Ken Dodd burst onto the local holiday scene in 1955, still virtually(...)


Lauren Laverne is well known to radio listeners and TV viewers now, but in the mid-90s she came to prominence as the frontwoman of this spiky Sunderland four-piece whose colourful, witty and in-yer-face attitude caught the attention of John Peel and Saint Etienne (who got them signed to EMI). The band formed in 1994, taking their name from their favourite(...)


All the pop fans wanted to see Kenny when their record made the charts. But when the group was invited to appear on Top of the Pops, it's creators were in trouble - for there wasn't any Kenny . . . Songwriters Bill Martin and Phil Coulter had used session musicians to record their hit The Bump.(...)

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