Katrina And The Waves

katrinaandthewavesFormed in Cambridge (UK) in 1981, Katrina and the Waves were headed up by Kansas-born Katrina Leskanich.

Greying drummer Alex Cooper was an upper-class Britisher who could just as easily have been "working for the City of London and making a quarter of a million bucks a year."

Guitarist/songwriter Kimberley Rew (Walking On SunshineGoing Down To Liverpool) was a shy, former Cambridge University student of archaeology who once played with Robyn Hitchcock in the psychedelic cult band, The Soft Boys.

Bass guitarist Vince de la Cruz was a military brat - like Katrina - who grew up in Okinawa listening to Armed Forces Radio, then segued to an English air force base, where his Mexican-American father taught Spanish to the military.

Their 1985 summer anthem Walking On Sunshine was a stomping, feel-good song, while their 1986 follow-up Sun Street was an ode to the joys of inebriation.

katrina&waves4Despite a catchy piano-and-brass riff, it stalled at #22.

Then came the lost years, during which several albums came out in Germany, including Pet The TigerEdge Of The Land and Turn Around.

In 1997, Katrina & The Waves reappeared from nostalgia-world to perform Love Shine A Light at the Eurovision Song Contest. They became the first UK winners since Bucks Fizz in 1981.

Kimberley Rew tried to repeat the Eurovision success, writing a Song For Europe nominee in 2000. Katrina Leskanich became a radio presenter, hosting a late-night Radio 2 show for a while.

Katrina Leskanich
Kimberley Rew

Vince de la Cruz
Alex Cooper