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Kris Jensen

Of Danish/Finnish descent, singer/guitarist Kris Jensen was Nashville-based and managed by Wesley Rose. His one and only hit was Torture, a song penned by John D Loudermilk. Roy Orbison also wrote songs for Jensen but he quickly disappeared from sight, though his records are still sought-after by the rockabilly community.

Kris Kristofferson

By the time Kris Kristofferson recorded his debut album in 1970 he had already been a Rhodes Scholar, a failed British recording artists (under the name Kris Carson), a US Air Force helicopter pilot, had played the Isle Of Wight Festival, been befriended and championed by Johnny Cash, written hits for Jerry Lee Lewis and Roger Miller, and(…)

Kristine Sparkle

As Christine Holmes in the 1960s, Ms Sparkle had a respected solo and session standing which included a successful stint in The Family Dogg. By the early 70’s a glam rock reinvention was thought the best way to catch the hit mood of the emerging sub-teen record market. Cue Glitter Band-style drums, fuzz-guitars, and hand-claps all the way(…)

Kula Shaker

If Blur were the McCartney of the Britpop party, and Oasis were the Lennon, Kula Shaker were the George Harrison. Heavily influenced by Indian music, their debut album K was a reawakening of that moment in the 60s when groovy pop got a bit giddy on sitars and began to take itself incredibly seriously. Their(…)

Kursaal Flyers, The

Named after a seaside amusement arcade at Southend in Essex, and fronted by Paul Shuttleworth (who could out-spiv Arthur Daley on a charabanc trip), The Kursaal Flyers brought all the fun of the fair to Pub Rock. With a banjo-playing bass player and a pedal-steel guitarist, they wore their country rock hearts on their brightly coloured(…)

Kylie Minogue

Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1968, Kylie Minogue began an acting career at the age of 11 when she appeared in the Australian television shows Skyways and The Sullivans, but it was not until she left high school in 1986 that she landed the role she became famous for – Charlene in Neighbours. In 1987, at the age(…)

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