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America was formed in London by Dan Peek, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell where their folks were stationed in US military bases in the United Kingdom. It was an ironic twist for a band steeped in American country rock and named after their homeland (The name was actually inspired by the jukebox in a greasy(…)

American Breed, The

This four-piece outfit from Chicago enjoyed a number of hits in the late 60s, including Bend Me, Shape Me, Green Light, Step, Step Out Of Your Mind and Ready, Willing and Able. Their sound was sophisticated rock with an emphasis on harmonies (every band member sang). Gary Loizzo Chuck Colbert Al Ciner Lee Graziano

American Flyer

American Flyer comprised Craig Fuller (formerly of Pure Prairie League), Doug Yule (ex-Velvet Underground), Steve Katz (ex-Blood, Sweat & Tears) and Eric Kaz. Their eponymous debut album (1976) was produced by George Martin. They followed this with Spirit Of A Woman (1977). Craig Fuller Vocals, guitar Eric Kaz Vocals, guitar, keyboards Steve Katz Guitar, vocals Doug Yule Bass,(…)

Ames Brothers, The

The Ames Brothers were a singing quartet from Massachusetts (USA) who became famous in the 1950s for their traditional pop music hits. The Ames Brothers consisted of Joe (1921 – 2007), Gene (1923 – 1997), Vic (1925 – 1978) and Ed (1927 – ). Born into a musically talented family, the boys were brought up on classical and operatic(…)

Amon Duul II

This Munich-based musical commune released several albums as simply Amon Duul during the sixties before adding the suffix ‘II’ in 1969 for their first international major label release, Phallus Dei (“God’s penis”). They represent an almost Prog Rock element of the German music scene, displayed clearly on disc one of their second album album Yeti (1970) in concise rock(…)

Andrew Loog Oldham

Oldham was a publicist for The Beatles before working for agent Eric Easton, with whom he became joint manager of The Rolling Stones in April 1963. Modelling himself closely on Phil Spector, he showed a flair for publicity and projected the Stones as the group parents loved to hate. He later became sole manager of the group and is credited(…)


This English prog rock group formed in 1966. Led by John Du Cann they recorded their eponymous debut album in 1969 with backing vocals by Eddie Dyche. The group split upon Du Cann’s departure to join Atomic Rooster in 1970. John Du Cann Vocals, guitar Mick Hawksworth  Bass Jack McCulloch  Drums Ian McShane  Drums

Andwella’s Dream/Andwella

Hailing from Northern Ireland (and originally known as The Method), Andwella’s Dream signed with CBS in London for whom they recorded three albums and several singles. Their stunning debut LP Love & Poetry (1969) is now regarded as a psychedelic classic by many collectors around the world. Their name was shortened to Andwella in 1970(…)

Andy and David Williams

Nephews of international singing star Andy Williams, identical twins Andy and David looked set to conquer the pop world in 1973. They were like looking at pure sunlight – all that straight, golden blonde hair. Their father Don Williams managed TV shows including The Brady Bunch, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Bob Newhart Show, and once(…)

Andy Gibb

Following the international success of his three older brothers in The Bee Gees, Andy Gibb (born 5 March 1958) appeared as a star in his own right during 1977. Gibb was born in Manchester, England and his family emigrated to Australia when he was only months old. Then in 1967, when Andy was nine, the Gibb family(…)

Andy Williams

Howard Andrew Williams was born in Iowa and started singing professionally with his three older brothers – Bob, Don and Dick – as the Williams Brothers Quartet. They worked in night clubs and on radio and backed Bing Crosby on his number one record Swinging on a Star in 1944. Embarking on a solo career in the 1950s,(…)


Angel, like Kiss and Cheap Trick, took the flamboyance of the glam rock bands of the earlier 70s and added the heavier sounds of the likes of Black Sabbath in a way which was to prove influential on the decade that followed. Perhaps even more than Kiss, Angel pointed towards the glossy rock of such successful 80’s bands as Dokken and Poison. White(…)

Angel Pavement

Angel Pavement, like their fellow York renegades The Smoke, found their spiritual home as part of producer Monty Babson’s Morgan Blue Town stable of artists in the late 1960s. The group grew out of a soul-based band called Wesley Hardin’s Shotgun Package in 1967, and guitarist and singer, Alfie Shepherd had his mind set on forming(…)

Angelic Upstarts

  The Angelic Upstarts were formed in South Shields (Tyneside) in 1978 after the initial punk explosion had hit London. Their first single The Murder of Liddle Towers (1978) was released on Rough Trade and quickly became a classic punk single. Their original drummer, Keith ‘Sticks’ Warrington, left the band to join the Cockney Rejects – possibly because(…)

Angels, The

Alongside Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil and Rose Tattoo, The Angels had a profound effect on the Australian live music scene of the late 70s/early 80s. The Angels helped redefine the Australian pub rock tradition with their no-frills rock which attracted punters to pubs in unprecedented numbers. The band originally formed in 1970 as The Moonshine Jug(…)

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