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La De Da’s, The

From their beginnings as a tough garage R&B band, to their final years as an exciting hard rock/boogie outfit, New Zealand's La De Da's did it all. Over the course of ten years they recorded five albums, toured Britain and Europe, scored hit singles and established themselves as one of the most innovative bands in(...)

La’s, The

La’s, The

The La's emerged in Liverpool in 1987, playing vibrant unashamedly nostalgic working-class pop with council estate swagger and a sensibility honed in the northern beat boom. They got a lot of people excited very quickly, they became a name around town, and their demos - listened to eagerly - won them a deal with leading(...)

Lambrettas, The

In the spring of 1979, the Mod revival was gathering momentum. In Brighton, Quadrophenia was being filmed, and in the East End of London, the Bridge House had been holding regular Mods Monday nights which culminated in a Mods Mayday '79 event and live album. In June that year, The Lambrettas made their live debut on Hastings Pier. "We weren't even(...)

Larry Parnes

Larry Parnes (born Laurence Maurice Palmer) was the most successful British rock manager of the 50s and early 60s. Known as Larry "Parnes, Shillings and Pence" he organised rock tours and talent contests and had a habit of finding artists - to whom he inevitably gave strange names. This practice led to the artists being known(...)

Larry Williams

The late Larry Williams, though born in New Orleans in 1935, recorded in Los Angeles for Art Rupe's Specialty label - the home of Little Richard. Williams formed his first group at the age of 16, and when the band split up he spent a brief spell playing bass with Fats Domino's band. When Little Richard abandoned(...)

Last Resort, The

The Last Resort formed in 1980 after Roi Pearce had seen a band called The Rivals rehearsing. He met up with a guitarist called Charlie Duggan and Graham Saxby was recruited on vocals. At a subsequent Rivals gig they found a drummer called Andy Benfield. Saxby left the band in early 1981, with Roi taking(...)

Laughing Clowns

As co-founder of The Saints, Ed Kuepper was the musical backbone of the group that was playing punk music in Brisbane, Australia, in 1975. The Saints were unsuccessful in London; while the punks wanted thrash, Kuepper and Chris Bailey were already delving into moodier, darker music. Their last album together, Prehistoric Sounds, showed Kuepper's songwriting heading(...)

Laura Nyro

Laura was born Laura Nigro in the Bronx, New York, on 18 October 1947, and was only 19 when she recorded her first album, More Than A New Discovery in 1966 for the Verve label. It included the original version of Wedding Bell Blues, a song that was successfully covered by The Fifth Dimension giving(...)

Laurel Aitken

Having relocated from Jamaica to Brixton at the start of the 1960s, it was pretty much right-time-right-place for Cuban-born ska legend, Laurel Aitken, as ska began filtering into London clubs and dancehalls. His album After Midnight brought together earlier singles that owed as much to Louis Jordan's jump jive (such as Bad Minded Woman) as it did the sounds of(...)

Laurie London

LaVern Baker

Chicago-native LaVern Baker (born Delores Williams on 11 November 1929) was a well-built and undeniably sexy black girl who learnt to sing in church before gravitating into night clubs, where it's rumoured she instructed Johnnie Ray in the art of blues singing. Under the name Little Miss Sharecropper, she signed with National Records in 1950 and made(...)

Leaf Hound

The Brooks brothers formed Leaf Hound out of the remnants of a band called Black Cat Bones. Joined by vocalist Peter French and guitarist Mick Halls (from The Brunning Sunflower Blues Band), their 1971 heavy blues-rock album, Growers Of Mushroom, retains a devoted following and remains one of the rarest and most collectable pieces of vinyl.(...)

Led Zeppelin

It's been over four decades and the lyrics still don't make much sense - what is a "bustle in your hedgerow" anyway? - but there's probably never been a song with such chart-topping impact. All the more incredible, since Stairway to Heaven was never released as a single. So love 'em or hate 'em, Led Zeppelin simply(...)

Lee Curtis & The All Stars

Peter Flannery became Lee Curtis by reversing the name of the American singer Curtis Lee. He was managed by his brother Joe, and there was a clever but cruel Liverpool saying "Flannery will get you nowhere", because his acts were not as successful as Brian Epstein Lee Curtis & The All Stars were best known for Let's Stomp which(...)

Lee Dorsey

Born in New Orleans on 4 December 1926, Lee Dorsey moved with his family to Oregon when he was 10. After serving four years in the Navy (he was wounded by a Japanese Zero which strafed his ship) he took an interest in boxing, called himself Kid Chocolate and launched a haphazard career as a(...)

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