Leaf Hound

The Brooks brothers formed Leaf Hound out of the remnants of a band called Black Cat Bones.

Joined by vocalist Peter French and guitarist Mick Halls (from The Brunning Sunflower Blues Band), their 1971 heavy blues-rock album, Growers Of Mushroom, retains a devoted following and remains one of the rarest and most collectable pieces of vinyl.

leafhound2Growers of Mushroom was recorded at Spot Studios in Mayfair, London in late 1970 and the Brooks brothers departed shortly thereafter with Ron Thomas filling in on bass. The band toured Europe as a four-piece and released the Drowned My Life in Fear single.

The Growers of Mushroom album was released shortly after (first in Germany and eventually in the UK) but by this time Peter French had also departed to join Atomic Rooster, and Leaf Hound were no more.

In 2004, Peter French put together a new incarnation of the band and in 2006 they released a limited-edition 7" single featuring a live version of Freelance Fiend - a track from their original album - recorded at The Borderline in Soho, London in September 2005.

In 2007, Leaf Hound released an album, Unleashed, which Kerrang! called "as good a rock album as you could hope to hear".  The band are still performing in the UK with French the only original member.

Peter French
Mick Halls
Derek Brooks
Stuart Brooks
Keith George-Young
Ron Thomas