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Music Machine, The

The Music Machine rode the songwriting genius of Sean Bonniwell, who was ahead of his time in protest songs like Eagle Never Hunts The Fly and Mother Nature, Father Earth. They also had the technical genius of bassist Keith Olsen, who invented the Fuzzbox which created a trippy guitar sound that revolutionised the garage rock genre. Although the(…)

Musical Youth

Musical Youth formed in 1979 at Duddeston Manor School in Birmingham, England. The pop/reggae group featured two sets of brothers – Kelvin and Michael Grant, and Junior and Patrick Waite, with Dennis Seaton on lead vocals. The Waites’ father, Freddie Waite Snr, had been a member of a Jamaican group called The Techniques, and sang(…)

Mustard Club

Brothers Gary and Donald Hosie had been the prime movers of the Sydney (Australia) mod revival scene of the early 1980s with their band The Sets. “The Sets were not 60s revivalists,” explained Gary. “We simply took the fashion and music of the mod era as a starting point; we weren’t trying to recreate anything”. “I(…)

My Bloody Valentine

Quiet – loud, quiet – loud. For people whose singing voices were slightly less audible than falling snow, My Bloody Valentine knew how to make some noise. The singular sound that the band produced came about by mixing instruments and vocals at equal levels so that neither stood out. Kevin Shields was also adamant that he(…)

Mystrys, The

Masked mavericks The Mystrys burst onto the Australian pop scene in 1966 with a spaced-out single, Witch Girl, and some downright intergalactic hype, before vanishing almost as quickly. Singer Charles Bayliss was in a Melbourne band called Isy & The Dynamics (pictured at right) – who were notable for having a female drummer a la The Honeycombs –(…)

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