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Master’s Apprentices, The

Formed in Adelaide, Australia, in 1964, the Masters’ early music was raw R&B with echoes of The Rolling Stones and The Animals, but by 1965 the band had begun to carve out its own sound with the help of Jim Keays’ gritty vocals and guitarist Mick Bower’s compositions. Entering the Adelaide heat of the national Hoadley’s Battle Of(…)


Matchbox formed in 1971 but it wasn’t until 1976 that their first album, Riders In The Sky, came out on Charley Records, by which time only guitarist Steve Bloomfield and bassist Fred Poke remained of the original band. The album, produced in Holland by Bert Rockhuizen, sounded lifeless. The follow-up, Settin’ The Woods On Fire, introduced singer Graham(…)

Matt Finish

Matt Finish’s inaugural album Short Note (1981) is widely regarded as an all-time Australian classic and continues to sell to this day. The title track has appeared on more than a dozen compilation albums and, in 2006, it appeared in (Australian radio station) Triple M’s “Best Songs of the Eighties”. In 2004, it was covered by Wendy Matthews(…)

Matt Monro

Former Shoreditch bus driver Terry Parsons recorded his first album clad in his driver’s jacket and went on to become “Britain’s Frank Sinatra” (as virtually every review called him). He first played in bands under the pseudonym Al Jordan before adopting the name Monro. Between stints as a singer on Camay soap commercials, he recorded for a(…)

Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs

Maurice Williams was born in Lancaster, South Carolina at the beginning of World War II. He wrote Stay while he was performing in a band as The Royal Charms, but the name collided with another group with a similar name so it was changed to The Zodiacs for a recording session with Al Silver’s turbulent Herald label  –(…)

Max Merritt and the Meteors

Max’s Kansas City

Max’s Kansas City was a New York bar, restaurant, club and trendy hangout where such acts as the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls got their start. It was also where Bruce Springsteen once opened for Bob Marley. Situated at 213 Park Avenue South,  it was opened by restaurateur and arts patron Mickey Ruskin in December 1965 as a safe haven for(…)

Maxine Brown

Dubbed “the girl who invented soul” this South Carolina-born singer with the heart-stopping voice scored from the off with her 1960’s self-penned debut All In My Mind. But it was at New York’s Wand label between 1963 and 1967 that she really hit her stride, delivering tales of broken hearts and high drama with an unashamedly(…)

Mazzy Starr

From 1984 to 1987, songwriter-guitarist David Roback, already known for his work in Rain Parade, and Kendra Smith, the former bass player for the Dream Syndicate, were the nucleus of a band called Opal. Their album Happy Nightmare Baby stunned critics and college radio with its bristling, loopy guitar dysphasia. Halfway through an American tour(…)

MC Hammer

The release of Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em, the second album by an ex-Navy officer from California, proved to be a touchstone moment. MC Hammer (born Stanley Burrell) was better known for his baggy trousers and dancing than for his lyrical chops and his records were shamelessly populist, sampling wholesale chunks from well-known hits. Hammer made(…)

MC5, The

Formed in Lincoln Park, Michigan, in 1965, The MC5 (Motor City Five) rode to fame on a wave of revolutionary hysteria. The band never failed to create a stir at concerts with its hard, fast sound and militantly anti-establishment ideals:  habitually draping themselves in American flags and screaming profanity-laced revolutionary slogans. After a performance during(…)

McCoys, The

Rick D Zehringer started a group called The McCoys but changed their name to The Rick Z Combo. When they were offered the song My Girl Snoopy they agreed to record it if the title was changed to Hang On Sloopy. The writers agreed to do so if the group changed their name back to The McCoys. After(…)

McGuinness Flint

McGuinness Flint was formed in 1969 by Tom McGuinness (ex-Manfred Mann) and Hughie Flint (ex-John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers). Dennis Coulson, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle and Paul Rutherford completed the original lineup, although the latter dropped out the following year. The group enjoyed immediate success with When I’m Dead and Gone and Malt and Barley Blues, both(…)

Meal Ticket

Who would expect a Canadian actor to be working with a British South Coast rock band, a country blues guitarist and a Scottish soul singer? And all playing American-styled music too . . . That was Meal Ticket for you. Scotsman Willy Finlayson came to Meal Ticket via more than ten years at the microphone,(…)

Meat Loaf

Born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas in 1951, Meat Loaf has provided various explanations for his unusual stage name – most commonly that it originated with his school football coach and referred to his enormous size and ungainly manner. His mother died of cancer when he was fifteen and, after fighting with his alcoholic(…)

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