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P.F. Sloan

Philip Gary Schlein was something of a child prodigy. Moving from New York to Hollywood in the late 50s, he signed his first recording contract at the age of 12. After releasing a debut single in 1959 he landed a job at Dunhill. Teamed with song writing partner Steve Barri, they became the label's in-house(...)

Paddy, Klaus and Gibson

Formed in 1965, this Liverpool 'supergroup' featured Paddy Chambers on guitar (ex-The Big Three and The Escorts), Klaus Voormann on bass, and Gibson Kemp on drums (ex-Kingsize Taylor and The Dominoes). Their three singles included a cover version of Marvin Gaye's No Good Without You Baby and the theme song to television's Quick Before They Catch Us,(...)

Painters & Dockers

This eccentric Australian band was named after the militant Painters & Dockers Union. One of their early gigs was in a Melbourne pub frequented by waterside workers and since the band did not yet have a name, Painters And Dockers was chosen for the occasion. The name stuck. The title and subject of their 1987(...)

Pale Fountains, The

Formed in Liverpool in the early 80s, these 60s-influenced melodic pop/rockers had an unusual instrumental line-up and were probably best known for wearing short baggy trousers. Despite signing to Virgin this highly-touted group never really broke out of their cult status. Their highest national chart position was the UK Top 50 Thank You in 1982. Michael Head(...)

Panama Limited (Jug Band)

After the release of their eponymous debut LP, Panama Limited Jug Band replaced original vocalist Liz Hanns with 19-year-old Annie Matthews and dropped their traditional raggedy jug blues, ingesting a good deal of Trout Mask Replica in the process. Compared to the vastly inferior debut, their second album, Indian Summer (1970), was mightily good. Sadly the album did not(...)

Pandoras, The

The Pandoras - an all-female rock band from Los Angeles - were associated with the Paisley Underground era in Hollywood's alternative rock scene, along with bands such as Redd Kross, The Dream Syndicate and The Rain Parade. The Pandoras were formed when singer-guitarist Paula Pierce, met singer-guitarist/bass player Deborah Mendoza (aka. Mende or  Menday) in college, around 1982-83.(...)


One of the most influential heavy metal bands of the 90s, Texan quartet Pantera knocked out a series of albums in that decade that redefined the genre. But in the background lies a 1980s back catalogue that is worlds apart from their latter-day hardcore, semi-death metal. The Abbott brothers (Darell and Vinnie), bassist Rex Brown(...)

Paper Lace

Paper Lace

Paper Lace made history in 1974 when their single The Night Chicago Died went to the very top of the American Hit Parade - and later sold over a million copies - to become one of an elite band of British groups to achieve this distinction. On the home-front, however, the single fared less well, reaching #3(...)

Paramounts, The

Paramounts, The

Robin Trower, Gary Brooker and Chris Copping went to school in Southend together. Adding singer Bob Scott and drummer Mick Brownlee they formed The Paramounts. They played rock tunes in their local clubs until Gary Brooker replaced the departing Bob Scott as the group's vocalist, and American R&B was introduced into their repertoire. By 1962(...)


Fifteen-year-old George Clinton was straightening hair in a local barbershop when he formed the doo-wop group The Parliaments in 1956 (The name was inspired by Parliament cigarettes). By the early 1960s, the group had solidified into the five-man line-up of Clinton, Ray "Stingray" Davis, Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins, Calvin Simon and Grady Thomas. Renamed Parliament, the group released(...)

Partridge Family, The

The Partridge Family was put together by producer Wes Farrell who had been looking for a Monkees-style group for several years without success. Like The Monkees, the TV show was going to be the focal point - a musical family with the plot mirroring the exploits of real-life recording family The Cowsills, who had several hits in the(...)

Party Boys, The

Ex-Mondo Rock member Paul Christie formed Australian fun-time band The Party Boys in 1982 as an occasional "supergroup" consisting of some of Australia's finest musicians. The concept was that Christie would employ players (all of whom had other commitments) when the need arose and that the set they played would consist entirely of cover versions. By 1987,(...)

Passengers, The

Fronted by Angie Pepper, Aussie band The Passengers featured The Visitor's bass player Steve Harris on keyboards and Jim Dickson, formerly of Brisbane Who/Kinks-inspired trio The Survivors, on bass. Incorporating an early '60s Girl Group vibe into the standard late '70s Sydney influences (covers ran from The Shangri-Las' Remember (Walking in The Sand) to The Standells' Riot On Sunset Strip), The Passengers measured(...)

Passions, The

Passions, The

The Passions formed in Shepherds Bush, west London, in 1978.  Guitarist Clive Timperley was formerly with The 101ers, whilst drummer Richard Williams and singer/guitarist Barbara Louise Gogan were in punk band The Derelicts. Their first single, Needles and Pills ( March 1979), won them a recording contract with Fiction Records. Their debut album, Michael and Miranda  was released in 1980,(...)

Pastels, The

When The Pastels formed in Glasgow in the early 80s, Postcard Records boss Alan Horne assumed they had been invented by Orange Juice's Edwyn Collins "just to annoy him". A decade later, Kurt Cobain would name them as his favourite band. Therein was the enigma of The Pastels; loathed by those who misconstrued them as twee(...)

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