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Prodigy, The

The Prodigy seemed like just more hood rats in the 1990s at a time when white Brits took so many drugs that they believed they could dance. But Experience (1992) was stronger than its hit Charly suggested and touring turned the underground club collective from Braintree in deepest Essex into a true band of the people. Along the way, however,(...)

Professionals, The

  After a fine debut single (1-2-3), things went tits-up at striking speed, as Jones' heroin addiction became a priority. By the time of their second album, both songwriting abilities and impetus had vanished with a resultant drab set of songs with minor chords, badly airbrushed vocals and lyrics that were just born to date.(...)


Promises comprised three Canadian-born siblings, Leslie Knauer (vocals), Jed Knauer (guitar and keyboards) and Benjamin Knauer (keyboards and vocals). Their father Peter was originally from Hamburg, Germany, and after settling in Canada for some years, moved his children to Thousand Oaks, California in the late 60s. Peter Knauer was also musically inclined, and when his(...)

Proteens, The

The Proteens were a young Sydney band inspired by Sixties girl groups like The Ronettes and The Crystals. Their line-up featured three female lead singers backed by bass, drums and guitar. They wrote many original songs about contemporary Australian life as well as covering pop songs from artists as diverse as The Raspberries and The(...)

Pseudo Echo

Pseudo Echo was the first unrecorded band to appear on the influential Australian national music TV show, Countdown. They performed Listening in late 1983 and the song was later released as their debut single, reaching #4 on the Aussie charts in January 1984. The band's 1987 cover version of Funky Town (a dance tune originally recorded by Lipps Inc) was(...)

Psychedelic Furs

The birth of the Psychedelic Furs came in 1977 when London art college student Richard Butler grew tired of silk-screening, persuaded his younger brother to buy a bass guitar, recruited a couple of pals and spent a year and a half playing Velvet Underground and Stooges covers in their bedrooms and at parties. By the turn of the decade, with(...)

Psychic TV

Psychic TV was formed by former Throbbing Gristle members Genesis P-Orridge and Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. Silver-tongued weavers of wonderful tales about their 'Temple ov Psychick Youth' and claims that they intended to "break down the control systems that govern our lives", Psychic TV also dabbled with a process called Holophonic Sound - a kind of 3-D version(...)

Psychotic Turnbuckles, The

With early ties to The Hard-Ons (rhythm guitarist Jay 'El Sicodelico' Younie had been The Hard-Ons' original lead singer; lead guitarist Vince 'Grand Wizard' Cuscuna had produced The Hard-Ons' debut EP), the Turnbuckles formed in '84 out of the Hitmen-inspired Conspirators. Decked out in green and purple wigs inspired by legendary '60s Oz punkers The Creatures, and with(...)

Public Enemy

Replacing Run DMC's proto-bling with Afrocentric articulateness, Nation of Islam references, and anti-racist ire, Long Island's hip-hop revolutionaries Public Enemy turned rap from a novelty to "CNN for black people". Public Enemy didn't just report on their environment, they explained it . . . then they petitioned the disaffected to rise up and change it. Their forceful(...)


In November 1985, Jarvis Cocker (pictured at right) was at a party at bandmate Russell Senior's flat above a Sheffield sex shop called Sven Books. While attempting to impress a girl by crawling out of one window and in through another, he fell and fractured his pelvis. Six weeks in hospital and gigs in a(...)

Pure Prairie League

These country rock musicians from Ohio River Valley/Kentucky stock (named after the women's temperance union in the Errol Flynn classic, Dodge City) released two albums - the country rock Pure Prairie League and the more rock-oriented Bustin' Out - before vanishing, only to appear suddenly on the singles charts in 1975 with Amie, a fresh breath of country air culled from the latter(...)

Purple Gang, The

A jug band put together by a bunch of Stockport art students and discovered by Joe Boyd, their washboards, kazoos and harmonicas sound astonishingly innocent today, but in 1967 The Purple Gang evoked a BBC ban with their single Granny Takes A Trip.  Despite the band's protestations to the contrary, the Beeb sensed the whiff of(...)

Purple Hearts, The

Dropping their shady punk past as The Sockets (not 'Jack Plug & The Sockets', contrary to popular belief), this Romford four-piece were figureheads for the Essex Mod stronghold, along with their label mates, The Chords. Together the groups formed a two-pronged spearhead which heralded the birth of the mod revival movement in London clubs like the Moonlight and(...)

Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore was an American garage rock band that formed in Washington, DC in 1985. Taking their name from the character in the James Bond film, Goldfinger (1964), their sound was inspired by The Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls. On a dare from Sonic Youth, they released a limited-edition cassette and vinyl cover album of(...)


Dutch country and pop music group Pussycat featured the three Kowalczyk sisters - Toni, Betty and Marianne - former telephone operators from Limburg. In 1975 they scored a big European hit with the song Mississippi but had to wait another year for the single to top the British charts. It climbed to #1 there in October(...)

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