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Q-Tips, The

While serving an apprenticeship at a Vauxhall car factory, Paul Young played in two local bands before forming his own band called Streetband (with John Gifford, Mick Pearl and Vince Chaulk). The band released two albums and a single before splitting, with Young taking Gifford and Pearl on to form the eight-piece Q Tips, devoted to performing(...)


Hairy, nihilistic and uncompromising, Q65 were as popular as The Who and The Kinks in their native Holland, but their success never crossed its borders. Their bummer vibe was inspired by The Pretty Things, as were their drug songs like Summer Thoughts In A Field Of Weed and 80% O (a reference to hashish that is infused with 80 per cent opium). Q65 played(...)


Vocalist Jenny Morris formed QED in Sydney in 1983 with guitarist Rex Goh (ex-Air Supply), bassist Ian Belton (ex-Dave Dobbyn) and drummer Shane Flew. Signing to EMI the band released their debut single, Everywhere I Go, in December 1983. Thanks in part to an appearance on Aussie music show Countdown, the single reached #19 in the national charts. The follow-up(...)


Birmingham-based New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) band who hopped to a different label with almost every release. Mike Taylor Vocals Mick Hopkins  Guitar Derek 'Dek' Arnold Bass, vocals Malcolm Cope  Drums



Since their 1973 debut album, Queen's ambitious template had included bombastic classical references, falsetto freak-outs, and pagan mysticism. But at the beginning of 1975, they were, to be truthful, just another heavy rock act. They were more interesting than most - largely thanks to their OTT frontman Freddie Mercury (born Farok Bulsara in Zanzibar to Indian(...)


Formed in 1981 outside Seattle, Washington, Queensrÿche were one of the most artistic and creative of the hard rock bands during the decade, and released one of the most enduring and influential albums in the genre, Operation: Mindcrime, the story of a young man fed psychotropic mind-control drugs by the government that lead him to murder(...)

Questions, The

Quicksilver Messenger Service

One of the first West Coast groups, Quicksilver Messenger Service formed in San Francisco in 1965 and built up a big reputation in that area from their free concerts. The original line-up comprised John Cipollina, Jim Murray, Gary Duncan, Greg Elmore and Dave Freiberg (who would go on to join Jefferson Airplane). Jim Murray left the group(...)

Quiet Riot

Back in the mid-70s the primo heavy metal band in Los Angeles was Quiet Riot. Van Halen were pretty popular too, but could boast nothing like the long lines of kids that would show up in the middle of the afternoon to wait outside clubs to see Quiet Riot, back when the band featured ace guitarist(...)

Quireboys, The

This heavy rock band formed in 1987 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and were known as The Queerboys for their first year, until the negative effect of that name became apparent. Spike Gray Vocals Guy Bailey  Guitar Ginger  Guitar Chris Johnstone  Keyboards Nigel Mogg  Bass Nick Connel  Drums