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In Athens, Georgia (USA), Michael Stipe and Peter Buck met in 1978 in the record store where Buck worked and discovered they shared an interest in post-punk British music. Two years later they formed REM, playing their first concert (also in Athens, GA) on 19 April 1980 with Mike Mills (bass) and Bill Berry (drums). Four(...)


Formed in 1973 in Newcastle (NSW, Australia), Rabbit were originally a three-piece band playing covers of songs by artists such as Alice Cooper, The Who and The Move Greg Douglas joined as lead vocalist in 1974 but was replaced by Dave Evans in October. Evans had just been ousted from AC/DC and had a reputation as an outrageous and(...)


"When I met you, you were seventeen, not just another teenage queen" - Shakespeare? Dylan? Lennon & McCartney? While not strictly speaking 'one-hit wonders', Racey had a very short stay at the toppermost of the poppermost with two notable hits (both from the one album), Lay Your Love On Me (1978) and Some Girls (1979). After early(...)

Rachel Sweet

At 16, Akron-girl Rachel Sweet was a veteran performer, having been on the stage since the age of nine as well as recording commercials and TV advertising jingles. Amongst the products she promoted were Caravelle Candy Bars, Faygo RedPop, Frigidaire refrigerators and Dole Bananas. At the advanced age of ten, Rachel was working as the(...)

Radiators, The

Formed in western Sydney in 1978, The Radiators were originally lumped in with the New Wave scene but in reality were a pub rock band with a sense of humour. In their hey-day they were one of the hardest working bands in Australia, touring constantly and racking up over 2,500 gigs by the early 1990s. Their first(...)

Radio Birdman

The Radio Birdman saga began in Sydney, Australia, in 1973 with The Rats - a band comprising Mick Lynne on bass, Rob Younger on vocals, Warwick Gilbert on guitar and Ron Keeley on drums. At the same time, Deniz Tek - raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan - had left the frigid North to attend medical(...)

Radio Luxembourg

Arguably the earliest commercial radio station broadcasting in the English language, Radio Luxembourg started broadcasting to the entertainment-starved listeners of the United Kingdom. Often mistakenly referred to as a ‘Pirate' radio station, Radio Luxembourg offered an English speaking commercial service for more than 60 years and shaped the radio landscape for future commercial broadcasting in the UK.(...)

Radio Stars

Radio Stars was formed by Martin Gordon (ex-Sparks), vocalist Andy Ellison (ex-John's Children) and Ian MacLeod in 1977. The band signed to Chiswick Records and released their debut single, Dirty Pictures, in April 1977, which came in at #26 in the NME's end-of-year critics' chart ("I get my kicks up in the attic with a Kodak(...)


It is a well-known fact that the weight of just one hit single can destroy a band - should you duplicate your sound and be accused of selling out, or follow your artistic ideas and risk alienating your fans? Fresh from the crippling and claustrophobic success of their anthemic single Creep, Radiohead retaliated by doing both. The(...)

Railway Children, The

The Railway Children formed in 1985 in Wigan, Lancashire. Gary Newby Vocals, guitar Brian Bateman Guitar Stephen Hull Bass Guy Keegan Drums

Rain Parade

This psychedelia-tinged, late-60s-influenced new wave band hailed from Los Angeles. Leader David Roback left in 1985 to form Opal and later Mazzy Starr. Keyboards/violin player William Cooper (who went with Roback to Opal) died from cancer in 2001. David Roback Vocals, guitar Matthew Piucci Vocals, guitar, sitar Will Glenn (William Cooper) Keyboards, violin Steven Roback(...)


A few months prior to his departure from Deep Purple in 1975, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore teamed up with members of a decidedly mediocre American band called Elf and recorded Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow for Polydor. Although it was basically a one-off solo LP, Blackmore and Elf vocalist Ronnie James Dio became good friends and songwriting partners. When Blackmore(...)

Raincoats, The

Formed in 1976 while Gina Birch (bass) and Ana Da Silva (guitar and vocals) were at Hornsey Art College, The Raincoats were a London-based female (apart from occasional drummer Charles Hayward) band of post-punk musical experimentalists and feminist lyricists with a somewhat flexible line-up. The Raincoats were built on the dissonant blueprint of their punk(...)

Ral Donner

Ralph Stuart Emanuel Donner was born in Norwood Park, Chicago and sang in church as a child. He sang in local talent shows as a teen, and formed two of his own bands, The Rockin' Five and The Gents, in high school. The Rockin' Five played with Sammy Davis Jr on Chicago television at one point(...)


Once glance at the grammatically-challenged and logic-dodging sleeve notes on the 1971 Space Hymns album will convince you that Mister Ram (Kimberley Barrington Frost to his Earth mum) was a couple of coins short of a hexagram. Sounding like a Norwegian Eurovision entry on Oh Mister, a druggy New Seekers on And The Whole World, and Reg Presley singing(...)

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