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Red Crayola, The/Red Krayola

The abstract tendencies of The Red Crayola (later Red Krayola) were greeted with befuddlement when they released their debut album - The Parable of Arable Land - in 1967. Pre-dating Pink Floyd and Pere Ubu, and accompanied by cacophonists The Familiar Ugly, they deepened the relationship between rock and noise. The album was self-described as a “Free Form Freak-Out,” and(...)

Red Guitars

Formed in 1982, Red Guitars delivered great tunes, had the left-wing political credentials to become NME darlings and were defiantly independent, releasing material through their own label, Self Drive. While the band was largely guitar-driven, there was an underlying swagger and groove to their music, influenced by the sounds of African Highlife and acts like King Sunny(...)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

On 1989's Mother's Milk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers had perfected a blend of hard rock, funk, and snappy songs. Now all they needed was a hit. Enter Under The Bridge (1991), Anthony Kiedis' paean to heroin brought to life by John Frusciante's heartbreaking guitar, which set the album Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991) on course for seven million(...)

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

These Leeds-based post-punk doomsters formed in 1982. York-based label/distributor Red Rhino released their hypnotic debut 45, Beating My Head, six months later. Over the next seven years the Lorries would prove prolific, releasing 13 independent singles/EPs and five independent albums, regularly reserving parking space in the indie Top 20 through to the tail end of the 80s.(...)

Red Squares

Red Wedge (1986)

In a desperate attempt to prevent a third consecutive Tory victory at the looming General Election, Red Wedge - a coalition of Socialist-minded musicians including Paul Weller, Billy Bragg and the Communards - embarked on a tour of Britain in 1986 to raise money and election support for the British Labour Party. Their cunning plan(...)

Redd Kross

Barely teenagers at the time, Redd Kross was one of the first bands in So Cal to pick up guitars and lash out at their laid-back homeland, studding their songs with arcane references to The Partridge Family and other 70s kitsch, along the way developing a keen power pop sensibility. The evolution culminated with Third Eye (1991), on which they came(...)


Redgum formed in 1975 when Verity Truman, John Schumann and Michael Atkinson met to plan a Politics and Art course at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. The trio began writings songs and were joined some months later by Chris Timms, whose family had come from Preston in Lancashire back in the 1950s. Originally distributed on(...)


Originally formed as The Redhouse Roll Band, this Geelong (Victoria, Australia) quartet was that city's premier rock attraction during the mid-1970s. The Redhouse Roll Band provided a very theatrical stage show - along the lines of Alice Cooper - with band members dressing up in skeleton suits or Superman outfits. In 1973 the band signed(...)

Redskins, The

The Redskins were a skinhead punk band with a brass-driven soul sideline. Hailing originally from York (and known originally as No Swastikas) the band were overtly committed to left-wing politics, in fact three members - X Moore (real name Chris Dean), Martin Hewes and Nick King - were Socialist Workers Party members. For The Redskins(...)

Reels, The

The Reels were the first Australian band of any note to emerge from a New South Wales country town. David Mason (son of the then-leader of the NSW Liberal Party), Craig Hooper and John Bliss all came from Dubbo, Ansell was from Melbourne, Newham from Orange and Abrahams was the only Sydney member. They began(...)

Reflections, The

Tony Micale Vocals Phil Castrodale Vocals Dan Bennie Vocals Ray Steinberg Vocals John Dean Vocals Frank Amodeo Vocals

Regents, The

The Regents were an Italian-American doo-wop group from the Bronx in New York who had a US top twenty hit in 1961 with the original version of Barbara Ann later successfully covered by The Beach Boys. They followed it with Runaround that also made top thirty but the group had broken up by the time(...)

Remains, The (Barry & The Remains)

The Remains formed in 1964 at Boston University, where all four members were first-year students living in the same dorm (Myles Standish Hall) in Kenmore Square. They began playing r&b and rock & roll covers, as well as some Barry Tashian originals, at The Rathskeller, a tavern across the square from their dorm. Soon, fans were lining(...)

Rembrandts, The

Phil Solem Danny Wilde

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