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Ricky Valance

Welshman Ricky Valance had a UK Number 1 chart-topper in September 1960 with Tell Laura I Love Her despite the fact that the record was banned by the BBC (who tended to ignore any song which mentioned death).

valanceThe record found great favour with Radio Luxembourg, who afforded it maximum airplay. This pushed the single to the top of the UK charts, where it held off Cliff Richard (Nine Times Out Of Ten) and Adam Faith (How About That?).

Valance was born David Spencer in Ynytsdou, South Wales, in 1939. He served his singing apprenticeship in his local clubs for several years before he was brought to the attention of a talent scout from EMI records.

Valance was offered a recording deal and worked with producer Norrie Paramor, with their very first session producing Tell Laura I Love Her – originally an American hit for Ray Peterson.

Regrettably, Ricky Valance was a true one-hit wonder. None of his follow-ups dented the charts, but happily he was able to maintain a  career on the club and cabaret circuit and became a regular contributor to the revival packages that frequently toured Britain.