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Sutherland Bros & Quiver, The

Once upon a time, there were two Scottish brothers - lain and Gavin Sutherland - peddlers of particularly earthy soft-rock fare with two albums on Island (1972's The Sutherland Brothers Band and Lifeboat). Once upon a time, too, Quiver - a guitar-tinged English quartet - released two albums on Warner Brothers (Quiver and Gone In The Morning) before they found themselves(...)

Suzanne Vega

It's easy to dismiss Suzanne Vega as a poor man's Joni Mitchell, but songs such as Luka and Book Of Dreams (about the plight of amputees) proved that she was not only a highly literate songwriter but a storyteller who was brave enough to tackle the most awkward subjects. In her unashamedly adult world, these taboo subjects merge with(...)

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro was born Susan Quatrocchio in Detroit on 3 June 1950 - the daughter of Detroit jazz band leader Art Quatro. Suzi's professional career started in the mid-Sixties when under the name Suzi Soul she became a TV Go-Go dancer. She later teamed up with her two sisters to form The Pleasure Seekers, an outfit(...)


John Swan was born John Archibold Dixon Swan in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952. He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1961 and was the only child of six to keep his natural father's surname when his mother remarried in the mid-60s (his younger brother is Aussie rocker and ex-Cold Chisel vocalist, Jimmy Barnes). The band(...)


Of all the trash Glam bands, the Sweet were the glammest. No question. They had the best make-up, the best idiot clothes, the best bouffant nonsense hair, the best pout to the camera - and the best tunes. (We're not including Suzi Quatro in any of this, you understand.) Maybe the best thing about The Sweet(...)

Swell Maps

Adrian Nicholas Godfrey was born on 19 July 1956. He and his younger brother Kevin began playing in a variety of bedroom bands from 1972. Kevin renamed himself Epic Soundtracks, and Adrian became Nikki Sudden. Adding John "Golden" Cockrill, Richard Earl (who became Biggles Books), Stephen Bird ("Jowe Head") and David Barrington (aka Phones Sportsman) they(...)


Jimmy HartridgeAdi VinesGraham BonnarAdam Franklin

Swing Out Sister

British jazz-pop combo Swing Out Sister came out of Manchester in the late 80s. They began life as a trio of Andy Connell, Martin Jackson (formerly of A Certain Ratio and Magazine) and former fashion designer Corinne Drewery. Jackson left the group after the first album, which produced the Top Ten single Breakout. You On My Mind (1989) should have(...)

Swingers, The

After leaving Split Enz, guitarist/singer/songwriter Phil Judd left behind his previous arty-pretensions in favour of a straight-forward punky three piece, with Dwayne "Bones" Hillman (bass) and Buster Stiggs (drums). Formed in 1978, The Swingers received complimentary reviews and a great deal of early exposure playing support slots for established Aussie bands through the late 70s.(...)

Swinging Blue Jeans, The

Although they are only remembered today for their 1964 hit Hippy Hippy Shake, The Swinging Blue Jeans were actually one of the strongest of the Liverpool bands from the Merseybeat period. Formed in 1961 (initially as The Bluegenes) The Swinging Blue Jeans followed virtually the same path to success as many of their Merseybeat contemporaries. Indeed, after playing(...)

Syd Barrett

When Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett died of complications from diabetes aged 60 on 7 July 2006, he had been out of the public eye for 35 years. But during his dramatically brief career with Pink Floyd he forged a legend as one of the few authentic geniuses of British rock. Born Roger Keith Barrett in 1946,(...)


Sylvester was born Sylvester James and was raised by his grandmother, blues singer Julia Morgan. After a short-lived gospel career, he performed with the transvestite vocal group The Cockettes. His backing vocalists included Martha Wash, Izora Rhodes (both of whom went on to form The Weather Girls), and Jeanie Tracy, and his shows were often(...)

Symbols, The

The Symbols were one of the very best of the Essex-based UK 60s harmony outfits who benefited from the regular exposure of American West Coast material on the nearby North Sea pirate radio stations. After early releases of material like the lush See You In September and the Newbeats-inspired Canadian Sunset that failed to click, they eventually scored a(...)

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