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Scritti Politti

Formed by Green Gartside and Tom Morley in the artsy, politicised milieu of Leeds University (Yorkshire) in 1977, with a name that combined Marxist namedrop (an Antonio Gramsci title roughly meaning "political writings") with Tutti-Frutti onomatopoeia, the band took the Do-It-Yourself imperative to heart, moving to a squat at 1 Carol Street, Camden (north London),(...)

Scruffs, The

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, The Scruffs' easily filled the void left by The Raspberries and Big Star with their debut album, Wanna Meet The Scruffs? (1977). Their sound was a hybrid of mid-60s influences: a little Byrds, some Beatles plus healthy doses of The Who, The Beach Boys and The Searchers. Vocalist Stephen Burns copied much of(...)

Seals & Crofts

Jim Seals and Dash Crofts formed their musical partnership in the late 50s when, as teenagers, they went out on the road with The Champs (of Tequila fame). While the pair earned their living playing Latin-tinged instrumental rock, Champs founder Dave Burgess remembers that "they used to do their stuff with mandolin and guitar in the back(...)

Searchers, The

One of the premier groups from the mid-60s Merseybeat explosion. Having previously backed Liverpool singer Johnny Sandon, they broke away and took their new name from the 1956 John Ford western. During 1962, they appeared in Hamburg and, after sending a demo tape they were signed to Pye Records the following year. Guitarist Michael Pendergast shortened his surname to 'Pender'(...)

Secret Affair

Secret Affair

Secret Affair were Ian Page, David Cairns, Dennis Smith, and Seb Shelton. They formed in 1978 and were one of the stars of the late 7o's Mod Revival movement,  receiving early exposure by supporting The Jam in England. Their first single, Time For Action, was the perfect youth anthem for the time and certainly one the most memorable and successful(...)

Section 25

Blackpool-based experimental electronic rockers, Section 25 centred around brothers Vince and Larry Cassidy, who often supported Factory label-mates Joy Division on live dates during 1980. 1983 saw a new five-piece line-up including keyboardists/vocalists Jenny Ross (Larry Cassidy's wife) and Angela Flowers. Larry Cassidy Guitar, bass, vocals Vince Cassidy Electronics, drum machine Paul Wiggin Guitar; Lee Shallcross Percussion Jenny(...)

Seeds, The

The Seeds formed in 1965 and comprised vocalist Sky Saxon, guitarist Jan Savage, keyboard player Daryl Hooper (who also played the bass parts on his keyboard) and drummer Rick Andridge. Their first single Can't Seem to Make You Mine (1965) was a regional hit in southern California, but the band had their only national Top 40(...)

Seekers, The

This Australian quartet began life in 1963 with Keith Potger singing and playing guitar and Athol Guy performing on bass. They toured the Melbourne coffee bars "starving on a grand scale for several months". Whilst on their starvation circuit they met up with Bruce Woodley, a singer, guitarist and banjo player. Since Bruce was also(...)

Sekret Sekret

David Virgin  Vocals, guitar Danny Rumour (Danny Aitkins)Guitar Des Devlin Bass Colin 'Jinx' Ellis Drums Peter Mullany Guitar James Elliott Drums

Selecter, The

The Selecter are often considered 2 Tone's 'also ran's' behind The Specials. They were a top live draw in their own right, though, and their 1980 album Too Much Pressure was full of sharp, organ-heavy ska pop such as Three Minute Hero and On My Radio (sampled by Basement Jaxx on their track of the same name). Celebrate The Bullet (1981) was the ambivalent follow-up that(...)

Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band placed five albums in the UK Top 20 in three years and were considered capable of much more. Growing up in Scotland, Alexander Harvey turned to music in his late teens and was playing in a skiffle band by 1955 - which eventually evolved into the Alex Harvey Big Soul Band. Harvey(...)

Seona Dancing

Few early-80s pop stars can be said to have carried off the vile fashion of the period with any success, let alone the self-confessed 'fat bloke from Reading' we know as comedian Ricky Gervais, alias David Brent from TV series The Office. Still, he had a good go as is evidenced by pictures of his band,(...)


Brazilian thrash metal band formed in Sao Paolo in 1983 by teenage brothers Max and Igor Cavelera (on guitar and drums respectively) with guitarist Andreas Kisser and bassist Paolo Jr. making up the quartet. While stories of the drinking and partying that went into the making of Arise (1991) are rife, Sepultura's fourth album is notably more(...)

Serious Drinking

Rowdy good-time rockers with an overtly humorous approach and a studiedly hedonistic (booze and football) lyrical bent. Their independent singles were Love On The Terraces (1982), Hangover (1983) and Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk (1984). They also released two indie albums; The Revolution Starts At Closing Time (1983) and (the brilliantly titled) They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They're Also Human Beings (1984)(...)

Serious Young Insects

Peter Farnan  Guitar, vocals Mick Vallance  Bass, vocals Mark White  Drums, vocals

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