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Sets, The

Australian band The Sets, led by brothers Gary and Don Hosie, were the leaders of the Sydney mod revival scene in the early 80s. Formed originally as a three-piece by Keith Claringbold (guitar and vocals), Phil Robinson (bass and vocals) and Stuart Hooper (drums), The Sets were the first (for a time the only) mod band(...)

Settlers, The

Cindy Kent was ordained as a priest in 2008. Cindy Kent Vocals Mike Jones Vocals, guitar, banjo John Fyffe Banjo Mansel Davies Bass Geoffrey Srodzinski Bass Andie Sheridan Vocals Paul Greedus Guitar, vocals Chris Johnstone Bass, vocals George Jeffrey Drums

Severed Heads

An Australian ensemble who took non-musical instruments like tapes, electronic noises etc. and came up with a sound akin to electro-pop.

Sex Gang Children

They may have been Goth, but unlike such lugubrious peers as Sisters Of Mercy and All About Eve, at least Leeds' Sex Gang Children had a sparky punk energy. It was all in the Adam Ant-meets-Theatre Of Hate drumming, and singles such as the Gothabilly rocker Into the Abyss (1982), and Sebastiane (1983), where Andi Sex Gang's normally mannered vocals sound very effective against(...)

Sex Pistols, The

God bless The Sex Pistols. During their chaotic two-year existence, they introduced real musical anarchy to the world, yoking their working-class anger and disgust to a brutal roar that still inspires nascent punk bands. Looking back, it's hard to believe that a group as self-destructive as The Pistols could have gained so much fame and(...)

Sha Na Na

As rock music reached the end of the 1960s and began to 'grow up', Sha Na Na became a big success by revisiting rock and roll's early days with a new energy. Their combination of classic sounds and modern showmanship made them popular with rock music's older fans and also helped them win over plenty(...)

Shadows of Knight, The

Originally called The Shadows, in next to no time the band were Chicago's most popular group – a group which specialised in commercial blues but who were still minus a recording contract. ATCO became very interested in the boys but they had one small problem. ATCO already had the English group, The Shadows, and naturally they(...)

Shadows, The

Everything in British pop was American before The Shadows hit Number One. Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard - they all looked to Elvis and the US for inspiration. Then, from behind Cliff, The Shadows stepped out and achieved success in their own right in 1960 when Apache took them to the top chart spot in the UK. Hank Marvin may have sported Buddy Holly's specs,(...)

Shakespears Sister

Ex-Bananarama singer Siobhan Fahey formed Shakespears Sisters when she became disillusioned with the girl-group. American session singer Marcella Detroit later joined her, making Shakespears Sister a duet. The slick, chic electropop duo with a glam, goth image was given a misspelt, apostrophe-less name as a consequence of an erroneously rendered woodcut they commissioned. Their debut album Scared(...)

Shakin’ Stevens

Shakin' Stevens was born Michael Barratt, in South Glamorgan, Wales in 1948 (the youngest of 12 children). In the late 60's, he teamed up with a Welsh rock revival group, The Backbeats, who immediately changed their name to Shakin' Stevens And The Sunsets. During the early 70's, the band, with Stevens as lead singer, recorded(...)

Sham 69

Formed in Hersham, Surrey in 1975, Sham 69 were the ultimate "lads" band. All pints of lager, football terrace chants and menacing cocksure attitudes. Jimmy Pursey (pictured at right) was a fierce, working-class idealist and avenging angel of the unemployed. Ironically, he sacked most of the original line-up of the band within a year due to(...)

Shamen, The

The Shamen formed in Aberdeen in 1986 to play heavy psychedelic rock, as evidenced on their 1987 debut LP Drop. But there was dissension in The Shamen's ranks. Founder Colin Angus had heard hip hop and decided rock 'n' roll was no longer where it was at. Eventually, their style mutated into commercial dance soundscapes, and most of the(...)

Shane Fenton (& The Fentones)

Originally known as Johnny Theakston & the Tremeloes, the original line-up included Theakston on vocals, ex-miners Jerry Wilcock and Mick Eyre on guitars, Bill Bonney on bass and Tony Hinchcliffe on drums. The Mansfield (Nottinghamshire) band recorded an audition tape for the BBC radio Light Programme in 1960 and posted it off under the name Shane Fenton & The Fentones (Theakston(...)

Shangri-Las, The

Two pairs of New York sisters, The Shangri-Las formed in 1964 and created a series of brilliantly theatrical singles masterminded by madcap producer George 'Shadow' Morton. Remember (Walking In The Sand), a teenage heartbreaker, made the top five and sold a million - as did the even more melodramatic Leader Of The Pack, a sure-fire(...)

Sharon O’Neill

Pint-sized Sharon O'Neill was one of many musicians from New Zealand who made Australia their base during the 1980s. Hailing from Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand and starting out in a high school folk group, Sharon already reigned supreme in her home country and had cleaned up most of the top female(...)

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