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samson3Focusing on the talents of guitarist and occasional vocalist Paul Samson (who sadly passed away from cancer on 9 August 2002) Samson were at the forefront of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

In fact their second single, Mr Rock & Roll, is often credited as the defining first of that era – and this was over a year before future Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson would join the band.

Augmented by drummer Clive Burr and long-time bassist Chris Aylmer, Mr Rock & Roll was a beast of a metal number with a blues tinge, while the B-side (Driving Music) was a much faster track and probably Paul Samson’s strongest and heaviest pre-album track.

Both songs were written by Samson and future Gillan bassist, John McCoy (who used the pseudonym ‘Elizabeth’).samson2

Clive Burr left to join Iron Maiden and the band signed to Laser, where they re-recorded Mr Rock & Roll with former Maiden drummer Thunderstick.

Chris Aylmer died on 9 January 2007 following a battle with throat cancer.

Paul Samson 
Guitar, vocals
Chris Aylmer 
Clive Burr
Bruce Dickinson 
Barry ‘Thunderstick’ Graham 
Mel Gaynor 
Nicky Moore 
Pete Jupp