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T-Bone Walker

The man who brought the electric guitar to the forefront of the blues, Aaron Thibeaux Walker was born in Texas on 28 May 1910, to a music-loving mother. Starting on banjo, aged 12, his big break came when he won an amateur talent show. The prize: a week with Cab Caloway's band. An illustrious career(...)


Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld) was the elfin prince of Glam. He'd tried being a Mod, he'd tried being a Hippie, he'd tried being a model, but he was ultimately Born to Boogie. RIP. Bolan was brought up in Stamford Hill, London. His first band - the mid-Sixties psychedelic outfit John's Children - overdressed sufficiently for him to talk(...)


T'Pau formed in 1986 in Shropshire, taking their name from a Vulcan priestess by the same name on the Star Trek TV series. Fronted by vocalist Carol Decker (a former lifeguard at Shrewsbury baths), the band personified the archetypal chart-topping formula of the late 80s: polished production properties, atmospheric videos, and a strong but glamorous and big-haired(...)


With origins in Canberra, and founded by singer, songwriter and guitarist David Studdert, Tactics built a substantial audience in the Sydney inner-city and toured extensively, as far as England. Dave Studdert  Vocals, guitar Angus Douglas  Guitar Geoff Marsh  Bass, vocals Rob Whittle  Drums, vocals


Tages were a Swedish rock and roll/psychedelic/folk band formed in the early 60s near Gothenburg. The band released a number of singles and LPs in their native Sweden to considerable success, making the Swedish Top 10 more than a dozen times. Though remembered as one of the finest non-English speaking bands of the 1960s, they(...)

Take That

As the most popular teen pop sensation in Britain since the 1960s, Take That ruled the UK charts during the first half of the 90s. In strict commercial terms, the band sold more records than any English act since The Beatles, though the cultural and musical importance was significantly less substantial. Take That initially worked the(...)

Talk Talk

Talk Talk began their career in 1981 as a synth-pop new wave band who looked pretty and sounded slick and shuffled gawkily around the New Romantic fringes - they were certainly dark and synthy enough to interest the New Romantic crowd, but far too interested in jazz to merit actual New Romantic status - scoring hits with Talk Talk, Mirror Man and Today, and(...)

Talking Heads

David Byrne and fellow Rhode Island School of Design students Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz formed a trio in 1974.  After rejecting names such as The Portable Crushers, The Vague Dots and The Artistics, the band opted for Talking Heads after seeing the term in an issue of TV Guide. Their debut gig took place at(...)

Tall Dwarfs, The

Formed in the early 80s in New Zealand by ex-Toy Love members Alec Bathgate and Chris Knox, The Tall Dwarfs were one of the most influential bands to emerge from New Zealand's independent scene of the 1980s. Arguably the first low-fi band in indie-rock, The Tall Dwarfs' albums were made at home on a four-track(...)

Talulah Gosh

Formed in 1986, Talulah Gosh were a guitar-pop group from Oxford, and one of the leading bands of the twee pop movement ("innocent" music, naive image, sloppy clothes and hairstyles, hesitant stance etc). The group called it a day in 1988. Elizabeth "Pebbles" Price Vocals Amelia "Marigold" Fletcher Vocals, guitar Peter Momtchiloff Guitar Chris Scott(...)

Tam Paton

One of the most startling allegations about ex-Bay City Rollers manager Thomas "Tam" Paton (b. 1937) involved him setting his dogs on the father of singer Les McKeown, who'd popped round to discuss some missing royalties. The story featured in Channel 4's 2004 documentary Who Got The Rollers' Millions? which investigated claims that the 1970s chart-toppers had been(...)

Tamam Shud

Tamam Shud began life as a Newcastle (Australia) instrumental band called The Four Strangers. The group released one well-regarded surf instrumental single -The Rip b/w Pearl Diver - for Astor in 1964, after which their original guitarist (Gary Johns) left the band and was replaced by singer/guitarist Lindsay Bjerre. Under Bjerre's guidance the band - now renamed The(...)

Tammi Terrell

Tammi Terrell (real name: Tammy Montgomery) appeared in talent shows at the age of 11 and signed a recording contract when she was 15. In Philadelphia, she was an honour student in high school and had a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania, but dropped out to be a singer. Tammi came to the attention(...)

Tammy Wynette

To say Tammy Wynette (real name Virgina Wynette Pugh) had a tough childhood is something of an understatement: she never knew her father since he died when she was still a baby and she was subsequently passed back and forth between her impoverished relatives. As an escape from all this she threw herself into music,(...)

Tams, The

Atlanta's Tams were among the more popular up-tempo soul groups of the 60s, although they were never able to break Motown's pop stranglehold. Joseph Pope's gravely-voiced lead vocals were their selling point. He was joined by his brother Charles, Robert Smith, Floyd Ashton, and Horace Key. They began on Swan in 1960, then landed their(...)

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