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Tangerine Dream

There were two turning points for West Berlin art student-turned-rock guitarist Edgar Froese. The first was working with - and writing music for - Salvador Dali. The second was a support slot on Jimi Hendrix's 1967 tour of Germany. These events inspired a desire to create new music, and synthesizers gave him the tools. The result(...)


Not to be confused with the Rory Gallagher-fronted blues band of the early 70s, this Melbourne (Australia) band was an archetypal glam rock outfit that hedged its bets by catering to pop fans and hard rock fans alike. On the one hand they scored hit singles with commercial glam-pop singles, appeared on Countdown and played suburban dances(...)


The five Tavares brothers - Ralph, Antone (Chubby), Arthur (Pooch), Perry Lee (Tiny) and Feliciano (Butch) - scored a string of light soul-pop and disco hits on the R&B charts from the late 70s through to the early 80s. The brothers grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, learning traditional folk songs from Cape Verde from(...)

Tea & Symphony

Teardrop Explodes, The

The Teardrop Explodes formed in 1978 with original members Julian Cope (real name Kevin Stapleton), Mick Finkler, Paul Simpson and Gary Dwyer, and quickly became the focal point for Liverpool's emerging post-punk new wave scene. After playing their debut show at Liverpool's infamous Eric's club, the band recorded three singles for the local Zoo label before signing(...)

Tears For Fears

School friends Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith formed Tears For Fears after they had spent their teenage years in bands together, including a Mod/Ska revivalist combo called Graduate who issued records on the Precision label, including the novelty single, Elvis Should Play Ska. After Graduate split in 1981, the duo recorded demos as History Of Headaches. Their new(...)

Ted Heath

As a bandleader, Ted Heath was responsible for introducing the British public to many top singers of the 50s, including Dickie Valentine, Lita Rosa and Dennis Lotus. His 1953 recording of the Dragnet theme was the first TV theme to become a Top Ten hit in Britain.

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG)

When the Ted Mulry gang formed in 1972, Mulry was already a well-known pop balladeer. Born in Oldham, England, in 1949, Mulry emigrated to Australia and developed an interest in pop music during his school years. His turning point came in 1969 when he was working as a dozer operator on a site in New(...)

Ted Nugent

In the late 1960s, Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes emerged from the American midwest playing thunderous rock which knew no discipline or boundaries. Nugent played every solo as though it were his last, although the band's songs never seemed to warrant his wild-eyed frenzied treatments. Listening to the Amboy Dukes' albums was like going into(...)

Teddy Bears, The

In summer 1958, Phillip Harvey Spector (who had moved from New York to LA a few years earlier) and three of his Fairfax High School pals - Marshall Leib, Harvey Goldstein and Annette Kleinbard - managed to raise $40 between them to pay for a two-hour recording session at Gold Star Sound on Santa Monica and Vine.(...)

Teena Marie

Born Mary Christine Brockert in 1956, she was billed as Tina Marie Brockert when she appeared on an episode of the TV comedy The Beverly Hillbillies in 1964, and later took up the name Teena Marie. She was raised in Venice, California, two blocks away from a black neighbourhood. "I had a lot of black friends and(...)

Teenage Fanclub

A band for which the word 'quirky' may have been invented, Teenage Fanclub had always possessed an infuriating knack of confounding expectations. They promised so much with 1990s A Catholic Education and the majestic Everything Flows but celebrated joining the prestigious Creation label with The King, a frankly rubbish set of instrumental covers. Having tested the patience of(...)

Teenage Filmstars, The

Teenage Head

Friends from an Ontario (Canada) high school formed Teenage Head in 1975 and released a self-titled album in 1979. It sold poorly, but 1980's Frantic City - on Attic Records - earned gold record status in Canada soon after it was released. Teenage Head's other albums include Some Kinda Fun (1982), Trouble In The Jungle (1986) and Electric Guitar (1988). In 1984 they appeared(...)

Teenage Radio Stars

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